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Style Sky High: American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade raises Eyebrows with Impossible Shine!

Thursday, 19 January 2017 18:25

American Crew is the guardian of men’s best beauty secrets, with spectacular products and a support in education that has kept the company at the top of the grooming industry.

Now, when a brand has over a handful of pomades and designs one more, and it manages to blow away American Crew’s own All-Star Educators, then you know there was something missing...

American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade creates sleek, smooth styles with high hold and maximum shine unlike anything they offered before.

American Crew All-Star Educators Adriana Fournier, Dennis Rogers and Mary Cassola gave us their first impression of the product, and what makes American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade stand high above the others.

What I think sets American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade apart from other pomades out there is how versatile it is,” says American Crew All-Star Educator Adriana Fournier. “This product will help men who struggle with different textures to have a smoother look, as well as the high shine gives the hair a wetter darker look to cover up color loss."

American Crew has a commitment to elevating men’s style and enhancing their personal image, and Heavy Hold Pomade is the new tool to give your clients an edge when walking out of the salon with their brand-new cut.

"One of the things that has made American Crew so successful is that we largely have been responsible for giving men diversity to their hair by providing them with options on hair shape and grooming,” says Mary Cassola. “There is so much happening with men’s hair today. From pompadours to gray/silver chemically treated hair and textured hair. Our American Crew styling products are designed with the artist in mind.

The key ingredient in this new pomade is glycerin, which provides smooth and easy application as you work a small amount evenly through dry or towel dried hair. It supports and maintains shape without losing hold, even on longer hair. “I was surprised to discover a product that could also be used easily in longer styles, enhance texture incredibly well and even be used with a blow-dryer – something I don't typically do with strong hold products,” says Dennis Rogers.

Also, American Crew is a brand that knows men. Much like ladies, men have their own quirks, and having a cumbersome grooming in the morning will simply not cut it as a part of most men’s routine. “The one thing about this product is how easy it is to wash out of the hair. Most men's #1 complaint about heavy hold products is that they never wash out. Luckily that is not the case with this product,” says Adriana. The brand is acutely aware of this fact which is why the composition for Heavy Hold Pomade is so unique and comes at the perfect time in the market.

I feel that American Crew needed a classic-style hard pomade,” says Dennis. "They created one that has the look and feel of a classic pomade while being workable and washable like a modern, water-based pomade.”

American Crew’s Heavy Hold Pomade will be available in salons nationwide on February 2017 at $17.95 for the 3oz/85g size.

Interested in in more? The American Crew family has such a wide array of products, you can find anything needed to create and care for men’s styles; products in the hair, body, shave, style and fragrance categories are available exclusively in salons, barbershops and authorized retailers.

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