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The Perfect Curl in 1, 2, 3! Woody & Amy Michleb present the intuitive Switch Luscious Curlers

Monday, 21 November 2016 23:52

If the curl is not natural, then it is a mission. It takes time, chemicals, many pulls to the hair, and a lot of time for both client and hairdresser. Even the “hot mold, cold hold” rule takes too many clips and time for the possibilities that are finally available on the market.

The "easy curl" is only one tool away and Woody and Amy Michleb are ones that have found the solution of the perfect fast curl that holds with Switch Luscious Curlers and Estetica USA is in shock with this lightning fast, 3-step system.

Whether it beach waves or spirals, the Switch Luscious Curlers can be used on wet or dry hair, with heat or without. Also, professionals can use them to perm hair in sexy beach waves. As for the direction of the curl, Luscious Curlers come in two colors, pink and orange – one curls the hair clockwise, and the other anticlockwise for a natural finished result.

Named in the Top 10 Platform Artists in North America, Woody Michleb is one of our industry’s most recognized talents on the hairdressing stage worldwide. He works hand-in-hand with his partner and soulmate Amy Michleb, the model-turned hairstylist that now leads an exemplary career in 13 years of knowledge in the industry, which gives the duo experience and global knowledge as to what really works, and these curlers hold only in three steps:

Step 1: Prepare your tools, select a section of hair and apply a curl setting lotion such as Luscious Curls by Woody Michleb.
Step 2: Fish the hook through the roller, place the hook on the base of the section of the hair and pull the hair quickly through the roller.
Step 3: Continue step 1 & 2 for the rest of the head, alternate colors to give a softer effect. Leave to set as needed.

To get your new Switch Luscious Curlers, enter their website here!

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