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Paint it Red! Introducing Goldwell's New Red Collection Fact Sheet

Monday, 12 September 2016 17:12

The Goldwell Red Collection consists of four signature color services – Deep Violet, Fiery Red, Glowing Mahogany, and Shimmering Copper.

Each service includes the latest innovations for Topchic and Colorance, and also expands the existing @Elumenated technology by a whole color spectrum of reds, browns, and blondes with a red spark. The result is nine amazing new shades (8SB@Pk, 8N@GK, 7RR@RR, 7OO@GK, 6RR@Pk, 6K@KK, 5B@BK, 4R@VR, 4N@KK) that offer crackling intensity and fire, outstanding shine. Additionally, our two new @Elumenated Grey Shades –8N@GK and 4N@KK– provide reliable grey coverage up to 100%.

There are also five new Topchic Effects Intense Highlight Color Shades –K Effects (Copper), R Effects (Red), VR Effects (Violet Red), KR Effects (Copper Red), and RV Effects (Red Violet)– with patented direct dye technology for exceptional color performance. They create brilliant color contrasts while lifting up to four levels, delivering extraordinary results even on color-treated hair.


Topchic Effects:
K EFFECTS Topchic Tube 60ml
KR EFFECTS Topchic Tube 60ml
R EFFECTS Topchic Tube 60ml
RV EFFECTS Topchic Tube 60ml
VR EFFECTS Topchic Tube 60ml

7RR@RR Topchic (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
6RR@Pk Topchic (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
6K@KK Topchic (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
5B@BK Topchic (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
8SB@Pk Topchic (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
7OO@GK Topchic (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
4R@VR Topchic (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
4N@KK Topchic (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
8N@GK Topchic (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)

7RR@RR Colorance (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
6RR@Pk Colorance (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
6K@KK Colorance (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
5B@BK Colorance (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
8SB@Pk Colorance (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
7OO@GK Colorance (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
4R@VR Colorance (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
4N@KK Colorance (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)
8N@GK Colorance (60mL Tube + 250mL Can)

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