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Beards Clean & Stylish with Kevin.Murphy Men's Grooming

Sunday, 13 December 2015 21:28

From top trending man buns to full beards, the men's grooming category is growing faster than ever. Kevin.Murphy Director of Training Tim Abney shares his top tips for keeping even the biggest, bushiest beards clean and stylish.

Beard hair, which is considerably coarser than hair on the head, requires special treatment. Abney recommends applying a product that will add strength and smoothness, such as Kevin.Murphy Born.Again.

"Born.Again features olive leaf extract and shea butter, which are ideal for moisturizing hair," explains Abney. "Just apply to your beard while showering and let sit for a minute or two. By the time you're done soaping up, the product will be ready to be rinsed out."

Afterward, Abney recommends adding a treatment product to the beard to make it softer and healthier. Young.Again features apple and sugarcane extracts to exfoliate and gently buff hair, while safflower seed oil acts as a lubricant to soften hair. Another product Abney recommends is Smooth.Again, which contains lotus flower to leave hair super soft. Kutuacu seed butter in the product boosts hydration and replenishes moisture on the surface.

Kevin.Murphy has been used to style some of Hollywood's hottest beard-wearers, including Justin Timberlake, Joshua Jackson and Wes Bentley.

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