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How To Increase your Holiday Retail Dollars with Schwarzkopf Professional

Friday, 13 November 2015 16:38

When it comes to the Holidays, it is anything but a Holiday for a hairdresser. Parties, dinners and family appearances require perfect hair, and the hairdresser’s schedule quickly overflows.

Kathy Alaama, V.P. Marketing & Trade Marketing at Schwarzkopf Professional, provides valuable insight for salon owners to increase their holiday retail dollars with Schwarzkopf Professional.

Top three marketing tips for salons during the holidays:

1. Take extra time taking bookings to understand specifically what your clients’ wants will be. You don’t have time to over-run appointments, so success will depend on asking the right questions in a way the average person can understand.

2. Use every time-saving trick in the book – our favorite is Schwarzkopf Professional’s IGORA COLOR10 hair color to achieve high-performance results without the high-consumption of time.

3. Moms are often the most hurried of us all during the holidays, as so many of the extra tasks fall on their shoulders. Consider special “impossible to ignore” promotions to ensure getting their hair into festive style makes it to the top of their list!

Learn more tips from Schwarzkopf Professional here!

Take advantage of your salon’s busiest season with the amazing Schwarzkopf Professional Holiday Deals – here is a gift list that you won’t have to check twice! Offers run until December 31, 2015!

MINI CARE ORNAMENTS: Deck the halls with very merry minis and get into the season with Schwarzkopf Professional mini care ornaments and festive salon displays; salon price $100 with a salon value of $136.00.

BC HOLIDAY GIFT SET: Share the joy of care and choose from BC Bonacure Color Freeze, Time Restore or Repair Rescue Duo gift sets, packaged with a free limited edition hot chocolate mug; salon price $19.50 with a salon value of $27.50.

MINI DRYER SET: Sometimes the best gifts come in small packages, especially when referring to the limited edition Tanzanite Schwarzkopf Professional Mini Giant Blow Dryer; salon price $27.99 with a salon value of $40.00.

OSiS+ HOLIDAY GIFT SET: Gift the hottest trending hair looks and take knots, braids and buns to the next level with OSiS+ and must-have hair jewelry; salon price $15.99 with a salon value of $37.25.

OSiS+ MEN’S SURVIVAL KIT: Help your clients survive the holidays with mankind’s ultimate styling weapon, OSiS+ Mess Up and get a limited edition Terminator Genisys Survival Kit; salon price $135.00 with a salon value of $250.75 (salon price includes 6 OSiS+ Mess Up, 6 OSiS+ Dust It, and 6 Survival kits.)

Key merchandising ideas for stimulating impulse holiday retail sales:

1. Showcase your special packs in a minimalist fashion where they can see them up-close at check-out. You can keep extra stocks in the back room.

2. As the actual day approaches, gift-buying changes. People start with the bigger-items first, so consider featuring the more expensive gifts early in the season. As the 11th hour approaches, switch what you showcase to lower priced items that don’t stretch the depleted wallet and would be perfect for all the extra gifts people forget or leave to the last minute.

3. Make sure people have easy access to examine what a holiday gift really includes… displaying one as a “look-and-see” piece won’t waste a sale, it’ll ensure you sell out all you have!

Tips for salon owners to reach gift buyers during the holidays:

1. Create a window sign or counter card highlighting all the reasons hair care makes the perfect gift! And tips for figuring out what would work best for the ones you love.

2. Create seasonal appointment cards or reminder notices, reminding clients you’ll have gifts available to shop when they come in. This way, they will remember to bring in the extra cash or set aside the appropriate budget for doing so.

3. Consider a “two for them, one for free for me” promotion, even if the freebie is something small. Moms have a lot of gifting on their plate, but often feel short-changed on the receiving end. Make them feel OK to give themselves a little something.

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