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Don't Miss Out: Paul Norton's Emmy Hair How-To for Gina Rodriguez

Monday, 21 September 2015 14:12

Dressed in an enchanting Lorena Sarbu gown, the star of 'Jane the Virgin' Gina Rodriguez was at once whimsical and elegant on the red carpet at this year’s 2015 Emmy Awards, perfectly blending youthful and effervescent glamour and a demure yet perfectly-suited femininity.

Her hair matched the design of the gown, going from minimal but structured at the top to outflowing at the bottom and was styled by none other than her go-to hairstylist, Joico Celebrity Hairstylist and Spokesperson Paul Norton of the Sally Hershberger Salon, in West Hollywood, CA.

Get the Look from Paul Norton!

I started by having Gina wash and condition with Joico's new Color Infuse Brown shampoo and conditioner to give her a richness and vibrancy to her Raven-brunette hair,” said Paul.

He goes on, “Based on the neckline of the dress we decided to wear the hair in a low and voluminous ponytail. Very polished on the top yet very dramatic throughout the ponytail.”

First, blow out the hair using Joico Heat Set until fully dry, using a mason Pearson brush only at the root area, in order to have a loose and somewhat wild effect through the ends.

Once the hair is dry, apply Joico K-PAK Protect and Shine Serum at the root area and use a Mason Pearson brush to gather the hair into a low pony tail and confined it with an elastic. Then wrap the elastic with a strand of hair to conceal it.

Next, to give it a fuller more voluminous texture, use hot rollers throughout the pony tail. After applying the rollers, starting from the top of the pony tail working your way down, allow the rollers to sit in the hair for 15 minutes as they cool.

Once the rollers are cool, remove them and finger comb them out gently. Use Joico Hair Shake throughout the pony tail working in sections from the bottom, up to create volume. Throughout each section, back comb with fingers to create more separation and texture.

Tilt the head back allowing the pony tail to hang freely while using Joico Flip Turn hair spray to ensure the volume and separation would last. To finish do a once-over final spray of Flip Turn to make sure there are no fly-aways in the confined area and great hold throughout the hair.

For more on Paul’s how-tos visit and click on the hairstyles or videos tabs!

  • Gina Rodriguez

  • Gina Rodriguez


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