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Celebrity Hairstylist David Antunes deems Kim Kardashian “The New Blonde Bombshell”

Saturday, 07 March 2015 23:11

Celebrity Hairstylist David Antunes says, “So you always wanted to be Monroe blonde? The new spring trend is platinum blonde. I think sparkling white hair makes you sexy and glamorous and people remember a platinum blonde!

Here are the details on how to go white-blonde, maintain the color and deal with the attention! Before you would decide to engage into this project is it also recommended to analyze how healthy is you hair. Damaged hair might further deteriorate when treated with these bleaching agents. Instead, make sure your follicles are perfectly healthy and ask the advice of your hair stylist. This beautiful color also implies some risks.

The basic process that is practiced in order to perfect the shade is basically bleaching, meaning that your natural skin tone and the pigments are eliminated from your hair. Peroxide as the main ingredient will have the power to dissolve these into the hair shaft and leave the follicles bare. Since it is a pretty harsh method, it's always highly advisable to visit a hair salon and ask for the help of a trusted colorist.

The best way to maintain the vibrant quality of the hair is to use shampoos and conditioners specially designed for platinum hair. These won’t strip off the hair dye from your strands and will protect their fabulous glow.

Hair color should complement the skin tone and eye color but does not dictate a certain style. Both cold-toned and warm-toned hairstyles will look fabulous when paired with the right complexion and hair texture. It would be a mistake to generalize the term of platinum and refer to only one single shade. In fact, there are several shades of this tone that can be matched to different skin tone.

For whatever reason, David personally thinks platinum blonde hair blondes attract a ton of attention, almost as if you’re wearing a halo.

And once you go blonde, you can never really go back because there will always be that person who says, “I liked you better blonde!

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