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NYFW How-To Get The Look: Ulla Johnson's Earthy Look by Joseph DiMaggio for Davines

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 09:52

Lead stylist Joseph DiMaggio, Master Session Ambassador for Davines North America, hair look for the Ulla Johnson Fall Winter 2015 collection was all about flowing, natural waves. Learn here how to recreate the look!

"The warm colors and earthy comfort of the collection seemed to flow into the beautiful florals displayed at the presentation. I wanted the hair to emulate this flowing concept, so I choose to create something that had a natural wave and lived in texture. The collaborative process with Ulla allowed me to create something that was one with the clothes. Young, fresh, new,” says Joseph DiMaggio.

Get the Look, Step by Step!

Step 1 – Part the hair down the center of the head, creating a natural part.
Step 2 – Once the hair has been parted, separate the hair into three sections. Two in the front, from the center part directly down to behind the ears, and a third in the back, with the remaining hair.
Step 3 – Apply Davines More Inside This Is a Texturizing Dust to roots and massage in.
Step 4 – Using a half full bottle of Davines Essential VOLU Mist, dispense More Inside This is a Volume Boosting Mousse into the spray bottle until full. Allow mixture to liquefy. Spray evenly throughout layers, from root to tip.
**Pro Tip: This combination of product offers the memory and hold of mousse with the volume of a mist.
Step 5 – Gather 2-inch vertical panels of hair starting at the crown, pull straight up and twist counter clockwise. Continue all over head.
Step 6 – Gently gather all twisted sections into a large ponytail on top of head and twist clockwise. Secure in a very loose topknot and pin.
Step 7 – Allow hair to set (dry), then remove pins. Gently brush hair out and create a perfect center part.
Step 9 – Finger rake to allow the texture to come to life.
Step 10 – Finish with Davines This is a Medium Hold Spray to lock in the definition and texture.


  • Hair: Joseph DiMaggio for Davines

  • Hair: Joseph DiMaggio for Davines

  • Hair: Joseph DiMaggio for Davines


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