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Hair Tips Alert! Get the Fashionista Hair Trends for the Holidays!

Wednesday, 05 November 2014 17:14

Well respected industry professional for more than 20 years, David Antunes delivers great advice for fashionistas on staying away from outdated, old trends and into the latest styles to look your best!

What’s the key to stylish hair this season? According to Antunes: “To move on from old color like Ombre. That dip dye hair look is something from the past and we need to evolve into something newer and more exciting. Now blonde is the go-to color for winter months. It is not just a color for summer it is also a winter color. I’m all about blondes!” Antunes says, “You don't need tons of primping time to get that foxy hair that you always wanted. Here are my tips and tricks to get that dazzling holiday hair:”

1. Sexy Party Hair Should Have Movement and Bounce!
"Avoid using any products that will weigh down your hair, smoothing balms or oils, because these products have a tendency to flatten your hair and, decrease the volume. This can cause your hair to look “volumeless” which is not sexy. Instead use a volumizing spray to your roots before drying your hair," says David – Take Jennifer Lopez’s voluminous hair at the LACMA Art and Film Gala.

2. Keep it SIMPLE – Don't Go for Anything Crazy.
"Remember, fun and sexy hair doesn't have to look perfectly styled! If every hair is in place, you've probably overstyled and crossed the line from sexy to stiff. Flip your head over and blow-dry your hair. This trick will add significant amount of volume to hair. Moving your blow dryer quickly to avoid heat damage. Also, make sure to always blow-dry in the direction of the cuticle, this way you will help seal it, which will add more shine." – Reference Carrie Underwood who keeps it simple but not over styled!

3. Have Tousled, Slightly Messy, Sexy and Free-Moving Holiday Hair.
"Hairspray is your friend but only if you use it right. Instead of applying hairspray from the top, turn your head upside down and then, spray your hair and count to 10 (you need to let the hairspray dry) and then style your hair as usual. This simple trick can help add significantly more volume to your hair."Gisele Bundchen’s hair at Sao Paulo Fashion Week for example screamed fun and sexy.

4. Stay Sexy and Beautiful Even on Time Crunch!
"If you don’t have time to restyle your hair for the big bash, here's my tip. Make the most of your last blowout with this simple trick. Use a dry shampoo in between your hair washes, it will get rid of greasy feel and add more volume to your hair. Your blow out will last longer!"Cameron’s recycled wavy hair makes this look perfect in any time crunch situation!

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  • Jennifer Lopez

  • Gisele Bundchen

  • Carrie Underwood

  • Cameron Diaz


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