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Regal Hairstyles From "The Crown" Series

Tuesday, 08 December 2020 10:49

Named Best Drama at the Golden Globes, this acclaimed historical drama by Netflix is undoubtedly generating a lot of buzz with its recently-released season 4.

The series' popularity is beyond dispute; the controversy surrounding its portrayal of The Royal Family hinges on whether you consider it to be a dramatisation based loosely on fact, or a factual documentary. Either way, one thing is beyond doubt - the hair, clothes and make-up are absolutely outstanding!

A selection of UK-based stylists have taken a closer look at the stand-out hairstyles and how to create them for the modern day:

Lulu Richards, The Lounge, Soho, London

Being the first royal to embrace current fashion and trends made Princess Diana the style icon she was. Emma Corrin’s Diana is reminding us all what an elegant, unique style she had. Bringing the Diana cut into the present day, I would keep the sweeping fringe as the statement but to make it tighter on the sides creating a narrower shape. Making it slightly more mullet than bowl cut.

Corey Taylor, NOCO Hair, Bristol

Princess Margaret was such a style icon because she always tested the boundaries and made a statement. She was daring and playful yet classy and elegant, as you would expect from a royal! She had a love for magnificent hats, headdresses and head scarves so if you want to add a touch of royal glam, incorporate a scarf into a braid or tie it round your ponytail. The Crown is inspiring more glamorous, polished looks – brushed out bouncy curls, bouffants and lots of volume. I am all for it, especially at this time of year!

Marcello Moccia, Room 97 Creative, Wakefield

Camilla Parker-Bowles was never known as a style icon - unlike Diana, she didn’t get the headlines for her hair or the clothes she wore. She was a typical country girl - tweed jackets, riding trousers and cashmere jumpers. The Crown depicts her as a good-time girl, but also someone who is steady and dependable. When it comes to her hair, she’s rocking the shoulder-length bob, full of texture and movement, something we are seeing today, as clients want something that is wearable and reliable. The haircut is more important than ever - a good cut will ensure layers swing into place - and the sweeping fringe adds an air of mystery!

Joe Mills, Joe and Co, London

Prince Philip’s hair has barely changed over the years - his style is the ultimate in classic. While we’re seeing more texture and longer layers coming through the salon, classic styling will never go out of fashion. The groomed, structured and smart hairstyle will always be called for by those in more corporate jobs who need to look well turned out. A good old styling cream combed through the hair will make sure it stays put all day long! I wouldn’t say Prince Philip is a style icon - but he has certainly been a stylish stalwart throughout the years.

David Corbett, David Corbett Hairdressing, Bothwell, Glasgow

The Royal Family have never been one to push the fashion boundaries and since being a young woman, Princess Anne has played it safe with her style. She was classed as the ugly duckling – but she is actually quite elegant in her demeanour and style. In fact, her style has barely changed in 40 years and she continues to be reliable, professional and polished. Sweeping your hair away from the face can be quite severe, but she’s the doyenne of under-rated and familiar style, opting for the same hairstyle for her whole professional life. This is the perfect time to be playing with updo’s, adding a bit of jewel embellishment for the festive season.

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