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Granny Hair – A Top Trend to Pay Attention to in 2019

Saturday, 05 January 2019 10:10

Gray hair is still very cool, especially in the “Granny” variant – let’s see what the trendiest nuances are for 2019!   

The most extreme granny hair color fetichists are taking a step beyond, proposing a mix of gray and stripes that range from brown to dark blonde, to give the idea of a sort of state-of-the-art regrowth with a blending studied in every minimum detail, like in this case. Obviously, the philosophy of an operation like this is… there is a trick and it must be seen!

Gray hair like a granny is a trend that for a while now has been spreading among young people, with colors specially studied for a “granny” effect.

If it is true that granny-colored hair succeeds in refreshing hair looks of women over 50, just give a look at people who have chosen this color to understand that gray hair doesn’t make even people under thirty look older. Actually, in many cases the opposite is true, because it gives a touch of something slightly magical that makes everything very… saga fantasy (without overstepping the bounds into cosplayer)

So what must granny-colored hair be so that it looks truly – grannyesque? The shades, as always, are everything and in this case more so than ever. Granny-colored hair must be particularly shiny, with metallic nuances halfway between sky blue and gray. Because what truly makes the difference is the luminosity: even the dullest color, if made shiny, communicates vitality and youthfulness.

But do all cuts look good with granny-colored hair? The answer is yes, if the cut is one of those that enhances gray hair without appearing truly a grandmother. The long bob for example, a cult cut over the past two years, is not always suitable to exalt the metallic shades of this color. Mostly, with all the due exceptions, it can be said that granny-color hair is perfect for very short cuts or very long lengths.

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