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8 Trending Hairstyles: From the Runway to the Salon

Monday, 10 December 2018 14:19

The international fashion runways today, together with social media, are one of the main sources of inspiration in trendsetting. So when they “speak”, we should listen.

Of all the proposals seen on the catwalks of the major international Fashion Weeks of the forthcoming Spring-Summer 2019 collections, we have selected 8, that in our opinion will be a great success in street fashion and in salons.

1. Fendi High-Chignon
Indubitably, one of the most-wanted hair styles this season and will continue to be in vogue during the next ones. The classic ballerina chignon is higher than ever, with a structured and clean result, the latest version is to leave a few tendrils around the face, to add a more natural and chic allure. Comfortable and very versatile, Jennifer López immediately latched onto this one…

2. The New ‘Wet’ alla Balmain
The so-called “wet look” is even more sophisticated and slightly tomboyish. How? Add a bit of pomade and flatten the sides around the face, creating volume on top. If your clientele enjoy playing with androgynous looks, in both outfits and make-up, then they will truly shine on those special evenings.

3. Christian Siriano’s Boho Style
A youthful, original, and fun proposal. French (or Dutch) braids that start at the roots and combine with long, soft natural locks with “no additives”. The result is practical and bold, perfect for a wide vareity or styles and occasions. We explain how to get this look with a step-by-step here.

4. The Half-Updo by Drome
The top-knot in a half-updo version. From Drome, shades of Samurai, with a shiny and clean finish. The ideal solution for those women who don’t have hair long enough for a real updo. Moreover, it can be surprisingly youthful with a lifting effect.   

5. The Colored Braid by Lanyu
No compromising... updos are either very high or very low. In the latter case, the low XXL braid by Lanyu, are even better when embellished with coloured leather cords, to obtain a decidedly original and audacious effect. If hair isn’t long enough, the leather cords can be used to obtain a WOW effect just the same. To make this hairstyle more wearable for informal occasions, you can also use scarves - which are making headway on the fashion scene – or colored ribbons. 

6. Grunge Waves for Nicole Miller
Free and airy locks, as if every individual strand could fly away freely. The volumes, natural and intentionally imperfect, adapt to the movement of the body as you walk. A simple and practical hairstyle that also reveals a decisive personality. To boost the look and make hair even softer, opt for styling products with a matte look.

7. The Clean, Low Ponytail for Self Portrait
Another option for lovers of low updos, this super-minimalist low ponytail with a side part. A shiny finish gives it an extra dose of sophistication. When combined with different accessories and make-up, this hairstyle is perfect for any occasion. One suggestion: like for the braid designed for Lanyu, the longer the hair, the more spectacular the result.

8. Dual Texture for Tory Burch
Here is the perfect solution for those women who want a wet look but don’t dare sport a whole head of it. The mid-lengths to tips are kept with a natural soft and teased texture. Instead the top is dampened and combed slightly to the side, leaving “baby hairs” uncovered, that are just the short hairs along the forehead hair line. The result is fantastic.

By Bel M. Dolla / Images:

  • Fendi PV19

  • Balmain PV19

  • Christian Siriano PV19

  • Drome PV19

  • Lanyu PV19

  • Nicole Miller PV19

  • Self Portrait PV19

  • Tory Burch PV19


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