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Don't Miss Out: 25 Top Hair Looks for Fall 2018

Monday, 17 September 2018 15:41

The 2018/2019 Fall/Winter hair fashion collections bring a fresh wind of innovation, absolutely necessary for keeping up with the seasonal trends trends in your salon.

For everyone, there is one precise rule: nothing is like it was before. Every look reveals original details and limitless, innovative proposals. Of course, the raw material is always the same, but the way of wearing it and interpreting it changes. Anything goes! Here are 25 ideas to give extra oomph!...

1. Copper is the New Black | Hair: Laetitia Guenaou for L’Oréal Professionnel
Long sure, but with plenty of personality. Volume is in, thanks to virtuoso moves with your flat iron. Everything works to perfection when you combine a the reigning colour this season: copper!

2. Eastern Style | Hair: Joffrey Conings
A touch of the Orient for seasonal updos that flirt with rainbows and evoke soft volumes and a certain verticality. Something in particular? The super-contemporary fringe.

3. Silky Effect | Hair: Claude Tarantino for L’Oréal Professionnel
In autumn, besides a selection of avant-garde colours there is once again a wave of intense naturalness. Amidst the strands, myriad shades borrowed from childhood. Silky texture is a must-have.

4. Décoiffé Soft | Hair: Caterina Di Biase
Just in from Australia, this softly deconstructed top-bun combined with rigorous geometries. Charm with a sublime colour contrasts. Platinum v.s. Extra black. Glamour…

5. Minimalist Tones, Short Lengths | Hair: Christophe Gaillet for L’Oréal Professionnel
More shaving and super-short strands combined with a feminine quiff. Colour contributes innovation. Seasons with versicoloured shades, now toned down and minimalist.

6. Louise Brooks’ Bob | Hair: Just Hair Coiffure
A fantastic revival of Louise Brooks’ bob. To be honest, it never left. But this autumn the original version makes a comeback: dark and longer at the nape. Details make the difference.

7. Lady Voguish | Hair: Mark Mountney @ Zoology
Age on the counter-attack. Super-fashionistas take on total white, turning up the heat with contrasting highlights. Styling seals the mood, opt for volume galore. Autumn? Sure, but only in terms of weather.

8. Rainbow Pastels | Hair: Bianca Van Zwieten
A cascade of pastels. Platinum blonde all over, octane blue to finish. The rainbow effect is softened with a different discretion. The leitmotif is a certain basic naturalness...

9. Meta-Hair | Hair: Maurizio Contato @ Art Hair Studios for Wella
Sensorial effect for this updo with intense tactile appeal. The texture is quasi-organic and the choice of blond softens any potential rough spots. Metamorphoses reborn.

10. 3D Colour | Hair: Fabien Provost @ Franck Provost
An autumn tinged with spontaneity. In styling in colour choices, inspired by nuances of the season. But the light of colour introduces something new. 3D research, innovative facets.

11. In the Wood | Hair: Angelo Seminara for Davines
From the colour wizard and trendsetter: nuances dance amidst the hair, with the effect of embroidery. Painting it like appealing landscapes yet to be discovered. Inspired by tree bark and a woodsy state of mind.

12. Vintage Lob | Hair: Fabio Salsa
Yearning for Paris. For super-feminine looks, ruthlessly seductive. Like this soft lob. A precise choice: away with razors and combs. Forget about geometries in favour of wearable proposals, slightly vintage.

13. New Eighties | Hair: Ian Davies
For the very young seeking new stimuli, the styling game goes extreme. Lengths are matched by doubling the volume at the top, very New Eighties. Dedicated to those with a healthy head of hair.

14. No-Limits Ponytails | Hair: Gandini Team
No limits to braids, twists, and ponytails that have been dominating the hottest trends for months. This autumn they experiment with new looks with more elegant and original forms.

15. Back to Frisé | Hair: Laurent Decreton for L’Oréal Professionnel
From France, a highly sophisticated proposal for those who love long hair. A totally unique frisé - more intense at the roots - offset by gel-bound waves for styling with irresistible allure.

16. Bob Variations | Hair: Gianluca Grechi @ Pucci
More variations on a bob. Where layers of interpretation and levels of cut are alternated. Spotlight on the choppy fringe, that softens the dramatic effect with lighter colour.

17. Charismatic Red | Hair: Mauro Galzignato for Kemon
Everything looks new. The colour is high-impact. It defines and exalts the cut - super-short and geometric - making it feminine and magnetic. Charisma coiffure.

18. Geometry & Knots | Hair: Simon Hill @ Sesh Hairdressing
Sinuous sensation. It’s a short distance from geometry to hairdressing. Even braids adapt to the algorithms, taking on a spiral form. The undone touch is a free agent, striking serendipitously.

19. Citrus Tones | Hair: Laurianne Baesa & Damien Dussert for Redken
The perfect answer to first frosts? Citrusy nuances that evoke memories of warmer climes. To create them, sunflower yellow and grassy green, the gold of Mediterranean sunsets. This is just the beginning...

20. Fur Patterns | Hair: Tony Ricci
The avant-guard has a thousand lives. Just when it seems like we've seen it all, another unusual detail pops up. Here techno-animal patterns keeps us on our toes.

21. Earthy… Yet Ethereal | Hair: Dana Hodges
We often say that hair is a material to be moulded. Nothing could be more true when it comes to this look, that make sinuosity and virtuoso technique its strong point.

22. Simply Tribal | Hair: Tom O’Brien
A tribal look with a contemporary vibe. The execution is brilliant yet makes for simple charm that is exalted in the contrasts. An excellent spokesperson for styling products...

23. Light and Movement | Hair: Papas & Pace
Yet another opportunity to recover femininity thanks to the use of colour. The drastic resetting thanks to the maxi-fringe from the sides goes almost unnoticed, thanks to the movements of light...

24. Dare to Be Brave | Hair: Beauty Underground Team
Hyper-fashionista look, obviously. To be proposed to whoever is used to thinking out of the box. And has no qualms about wearing it, autumn. Amidst the strands, all the nuances of autumn foliage. Perfect with make-up and complementary fashion looks.

25. Marble Hair | Hair: Joey Scandizzo
From the winner of Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year 2018, a look of great romanticism and modernity. The choice of the cut and the marbled effect of the colour leave the effect of exotic plumage to be admired.

  • 1. Laetitia Guenaou for L'Oréal Professionnel

  • 2. Joffrey Conings

  • 3. Claude Tarantino for L'Oréal Professionnel

  • 4. Caterina di Biase

  • 5. Christophe Gaillet for L'Oréal Professionnel

  • 6. Latit Pascal @ Just Hair Coiffure

  • 7. Mark Mountney @Zoology

  • 8. Bianca Van Zwieten

  • 9. Maurizio Contato @Art Hair Studios for Wella

  • 10. Fabien Provost @ Franck Provost

  • 11. Angelo Seminara for Davines

  • 12. Fabio Salsa

  • 13. Ian Davies

  • 14. Gandini Team

  • 15. Laurent Decreton for L'Oréal Professionnel

  • 16. Gianluca Grechi @Pucci

  • 17. Mauro Galzignato for Kemon

  • 18. Simon Hill @Sesh Hairdressing

  • 19. Laurianne Baesa & Damien Dussert for Redken

  • 20. Tony Ricci

  • 21. Dana Hodges

  • 22. Tom O’Brien

  • 23. Papas&Pace

  • 24. Beauty Underground Team

  • 25. Joey Scandizzo


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