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Best in Class! Gina Rodriguez & Jamie Chung Styling How-To’s by Joico’s Paul Norton

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 17:42

"Who are you wearing?" took a backseat to “Who did your hair?” at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards, as Hollywood's hottest like Gina Rodriguez & Jamie Chung were coiffed by Joico Celebrity Stylist Paul Norton. Want the scoop? Learn HOW TO!

Gina Rodriguez
Cabaret was the inspiration for Paul Norton, who created a vintage-yet-modern look for this Jane The Virgin star – and the perfect accessory to her glamour gown, which cascaded with hundreds of "made-you-look" shimmering beads. 

1. Prep hair with Joico Power Whip and tousle dry with a blow dryer, pushing the hair to one side for a deep side part.
2. Dry the hairline areas with a round brush for a smooth finish.
3. Starting on the side with volume, begin gently bending small sections of hair using a one-inch-barrel curling iron. Spray each section with JoiShape prior to adding the wave.
4. Direct side curls away from the face, wrapping hair over the iron and leaving ends out for a looser, more modern vibe. Use small clips to allow hair to cool with a vintage s-shape wave.
5. Once cool, finger-comb hair with a dab of K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum.
6. Apply Joico Power Spray to the sleeker side to keep hair back and in place.
7. Next, add a bit of Hair Shake to the ends for piece-y separation.
8. Last step: a light dusting of Joico Gold Dust to pick up the sparkle of Gina's gown.

Jamie Chung
Full, feminine, loose curls were the master plan when Paul Norton gave this lively actress off-hand glamour inspired by a free-and-easy era.

1. Apply Power Gel to damp hair and dry fully with a round, metal brush, flipping ends up as you go along.
2. Create a center part. Starting in the back with a 1 ¾-inch barrel iron, curl hair away from the face, leaving one-to-two inches out on the ends, and pinning each piece in place until cool.
3. Continually repeat step #2 as you work your way to the top.
4. Once your reach the top section, switch to a one-inch iron and curl hair away from the face, starting very close to the root for a tighter bend.
5. When hair is completely cool, remove pins and separate waves using a large-tooth comb.
6. Work a bit of K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum into pieces that frame the face and finish with Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray.

Photos: Getty Images

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