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Get the Look: Richard James Sharp-Edged Hairstyles by Daniel Jordan for GO24·7

Wednesday, 13 January 2016 11:43

The Fall-Winter '16 Richard James Chains + Cranes collection is a bold, sharp-edged collection that celebrates London at its most powerful and all-encompassing: a great, clanking, salt-corroded and color-rich hive of industry and glamorous intrigue.

“Inspired by the 30’s East End docks where the diverse world of chic, clean-lined cruise liners and enormous, jam-packed container ships met as one. The street-savvy East-Enders who worked here were rough and ready but still wanted to look pristine with immaculate looking hair. A wearable, dirty/clean finish,” says Daniel Jordan, GO24·7 European Art Director.

Get the Look!

1. Mix a small amount of GO24·7 Cream Wax ($17) with GO24·7 Pomade ($16) and work into wet hair. Dry in with a hairdryer to give a lived in feel.

2. As you’re drying, comb the hair into a side parting and make sure to keep the hair flat, combing into the natural shape of the head.

3. To finish, use a pea sized amount of GO24·7 Pomade ($16) and GO24·7 Control Spray ($20) to give an immaculate, shine effect.


For more information on GO24·7 please visit

  • Get the Look Richard James @ Daniel Jordan for GO24-7

  • Get the Look Richard James @ Daniel Jordan for GO24-7

  • Get the Look Richard James @ Daniel Jordan for GO24-7



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