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A Gentleman's Guide by Joico's Hollywood Stylist Paul Norton

Friday, 20 November 2015 18:26

Who's in for some guy talk for a change? Joico's very own Hollywood stylist, Paul Norton, for one... and he's come to the party with three sizzling-hot looks –modern, sexy, and gentlemanly– that anyone can pull off with just a few how-to's and one miracle tube of Joico's Power Gel Sculpting Gel.

Here, your step-by-step instructions…


– Squeeze a quarter-size dollop of Power Gel into your palm and emulsify by rubbing hands together. Apply to wet hair from roots to ends, using a finger-combing motion that distributes the product evenly throughout the hair.
– With a small or medium-size boar-bristle brush, brush down the sides and the back, leaving them clean and tidy.
– Using the same brush, but starting at the front and working your way back, take one-inch sections and blow-dry hair up and back. For extra lift and a round silhouette, try the “over-directing” technique: Brush and blow-dry hair in the opposite direction first, then direct it back as it begins to dry. Work your way back through the entire top section of hair, then gently (and briefly) dry the sides and back to hold the position.
– Finish with a gentle teasing of the roots (extra lift!), and give your entire ‘do a good spritz of Joico Flip Turn Finishing Spray for hold and shine.

Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage


– Apply a dime-size dab of Power Gel all over damp hair, but focus mainly on the crown/top area.
– Vigorously flip your head left, right, back, and forth to separate strands and “wake up” the hair.
– Drag all the hair forward with your hands, and place the front pieces in a way that looks cool and flattering.
– Using a diffuser on a low setting, dry the hair fully, then gently separate strands further if desired.

Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic


– Apply a slightly-larger-than-dime-size dollop of Power Gel to the entire head, pushing hair away from the face.
– Using a small comb, create a side part (preferably further over than usual for more drama).
– Comb the front of hair up and back—directing it away from the face. Next, comb the sides down and to the back, keeping strands neat and close to the head.
– Dry with a diffuser if hair is still quite damp; otherwise, allow to air dry.

Photo by Ethan Miller/WireImage

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