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Behind the Scenes at Farouk Cancun 2015 Global Conference: Celebrating a Legend!

Sunday, 20 September 2015 15:12

Over 5,000 beauty industry professionals from 142 countries arrived in Mexico to attend the sold out Farouk Cancun 2015 International Beauty Conference to celebrate and educate themselves to become expert versions of themselves next to industry legend Farouk Shami, as he celebrates his 50th anniversary in the hairdressing industry!

The celebration began Friday night with an amazing performance by superstar rapper Flo Rida during a fabulous beach party. Yesterday, we experienced a fantastic opening session at the Moon Palace Arena in Cancun, Mexico. The opening remarks were given by Farouk Shami himself who said: “To be a hairdresser is to LOVE people. We are the people that can make the difference.” Shami also promised us a show planned unlike any other. Included was a stunning presentation that showcased the history of Farouk Systems from the 70s until today, along with a brilliant music selection from The Jacksons to Pharrell Williams, including Saturday Night Fever, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Robin Thicke and many other iconic songs.

Basim Shami, CEO of Farouk Systems, took the stage to present some of the new & upcoming product launches of the company: from the amazing DURA CHI HandShort Dryer to the brand new CHI Essential Oils –including the Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Almond Oil and Rose Hip Oil lines–, while also announced American singer, actress, dance & model Zendaya as the new CHI Brand Ambassador. Basim then introduced a video of Kim & Khloé Kardashian celebrating the global success of Kardashian Beauty brand, while sharing some of their favorite hairstyles for the next Holiday Season. Another impactful announcement was the partnership of Farouk Systems with Esquire magazine to launch a new professional men's line next summer: Esquire Ultimate Grooming Collection... stay tuned!

The opening session also offered the latest in coloring, cutting and styling techniques, to educate and inspire attendees from all over the world, starring the Farouk Systems artistic team led by the one and only Patrick Kalle. Last but not least, Andre Chiavelli, Executive Vice President of Global Sales, presented a stunning segment to motivate everyone in the Moon Palace Arena to empower themselves and envision a successful business!

If you did not, or can not, get a chance to escape to the hot spicy lands of Cancun, then check out the gallery below for some of the creative visuals that surround this event.

Also be sure to follow the exclusive, real-time coverage of Farouk Cancun 2015 Global Conference on our LIVE STREAMING LINK!


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