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Eufora launches annual One Tip, One Child campaign to benefit Childhelp

Friday, 04 September 2015 00:27

Childhelp is a national non-profit dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse. Eufora has created a Childhelp campaign which consists of a prepacked kit for salon to easily display their support for Childhelp.

Eufora greatly encourages salons to take part in a venture in September to raise money for Childhelp in creative ways including the one tip, one child campaign. For this, every stylist in the salon is asked to donate one of their tips to Childhelp. At the end of the day, week, or month, those funds to Childhelp and Eufora recognizes the salon with the highest value in donations.

Eufora has also created a prepacked Chidhelp kit – all funds from the sale of this kit to salons will be donated to Childhelp. The kit makes it easy for salons to promote Childhelp and come up with creative ways to support the campaign in September. The kit includes a six pack of Aloetherapy Lip Moisturizer, 25 Childhelp Lollipops, a lollipop box holder, Childhelp balloons, Childhelp brochures, a Eufora brochure easel, a Childhelp Counter Card, a one tip, one child mirror cling and stylists cards, funds raise envelope and 25 raffle tickets.

There are many different ways salons can support through just the contents of the kit. Customers can make a donation and receive a Childhelp branded lollipop, stylist can participate in “1 Tip 1 Child”, and salons can use the raffle tickets for a Eufora gift basket drawing. Any creative idea salons can come up with they should use the kit to begin to execute in their salons.

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