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Take your creativity to the next level – with IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence

Wednesday, 17 June 2015 20:39

NEW IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence color has revolutionized the world for permanent hair color. It is causing impact in hair salons all over the globe which is why here at ESTETICA, we wanted to know from Schwarzkopf Professional’s North American Color Director, Rossa Jurenas, what’s unique about the product and her secrets to creating flawless style.

IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence has 8 colors, but sky is the limit. IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence is not only the color of this season – these new shades are here to stay because they are truly customizable.

In the upcoming season, this color line will be used to create looks with underlying hues of colors,” said Jurenas. “This color is different than other pastel colors on the market not only because of the new Pearl Technique, but also the range of colors.”

IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence includes 4 toner colors that are to be used on level 9 and higher with colors like candy, lavender, and mint. Also included are two high lift colors, and colors like emerald and magenta, which can be used on a level 5 and higher.

Pearl colors are not just for blondes but can also be used on light brown bases,” explains Jurenas. “These two colors can be used either with 3% or 6% in developer (just to deposit the color) whereas the 9.5 tones colors are designed for lighter bases like your blondes.”

The new IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence shades are the ideal colors for clients that want to try pastel fashion tones and add a punch of color into their lives by adding it to their hair. The shades gently soften and tone out beautifully, but best of all, there is no need for a harsh color removal process. Why not have a splash of color in your hair to feel feminine and upbeat?

Jurenas’ creative advice is to combine and intermix the shades and capture new versions of pearl colors. The result: pure artistry.

For example, Jurenas explained that you could use a hint of black to create a smokier effect and intensified look. Or use a bit of IGORA ROYAL D-0 to change the colors to softer pastel tones. To make the IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence pastels last longer and intensify you can simply add 2g of the matching IGORA ROYAL Concentrate (0-89 for the P 9,5-89, 0-55 or 0-77 for the P 9,5-74) to 1 tube of IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence and mix with developer 2:1 and let it develop for 30 minutes.

The second bit of creative magic comes from the new Pearl Technique. This technique is based on a pivot from the crown of the head using diagonal sections that begin from the ear working your way to the other side. When the stylist alternates each of the colors, the technique results in the pearl effect. The hair should cascade on the fringe and showcase the colors melting together to create the soft hues of lavender, candy and tangerine.         

To protect hair from fade out and leave optimal shine, Schwarzkopf Professional’s BC Color Freeze Shampoo and Conditioner is a must,” Jurenas recommends. “Another little tip – use cooler water to rinse the hair to keep the cuticle closed and lock in the color.

If you are looking to experiment with IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence Color, Jurenas' number one tip is to have fun and be creative, get your creative juices flowing, and customize colors to create some of the best color combinations! These colors can be used on anyone and are not just made for one type of client or age group.

To learn more about IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence or to find a color class near you, visit


  • IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence

  • IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence

  • IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence

  • IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence

  • IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence

  • IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence


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