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Monday Biz Tips! The Big Four: Service, Retail, Repeat, Referral

Monday, 15 June 2015 20:18

These are the four individual ways that we make money behind the chair: Service, Retail, Repeat, and Referral.

Any time our guests make the decision to buy more services and more products, come back to see us, and send in referrals, we make more money. We all have the potential of earning as much as a million dollars more over the lifetime of our career by becoming highly skilled at the Big 4.

Getting better at any one of the Big 4 automatically empowers us to make more money, but it’s our skillfulness at creating the right combination of the Big 4 that guarantees us sudden and dramatic jumps from Bottom 80 to Top 20 in our personal income.

It’s more than just the service.

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