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Rossa Jurenas discusses Schwarzkopf Professional’s Amazing Color Innovations!

Monday, 04 May 2015 14:03

Together. A passion for hair,” is Schwarzkopf Professional philosophy.  Their dedication to hairdressing and their team of professionals has always been first class. 

Multi award winning hairstylist Rossa Jurenas is one of the original members for the Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks Artistic Team in North America. Her work has been featured internationally for her innovative approach to styling and design. She has also been featured in numerous media outlets and even led America’s Next Top Model All Stars Hair and Beauty team in 2012.

Because of her passion, creativity and enthusiasm for hair when Schwarzkopf Professional announced their new product launch, Estetica Magazine felt that it was perfect to catch up with Rossa to get the inside scoop on new product launches.

With the launch of Schwarzkopf Professional's two new products IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence and IGORA ROYAL Absolutes, what message would you say is Schwarzkopf Professional trying to send? "Schwarzkopf Professional stays on top of their game; with the latest technology and innovations by listening to the hairdressers needs. Schwarzkopf Professional listens! They bring products and trends to the forefront." 

There is no question color is in and with so many other companies who are producing color lines, explain to us what makes IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence so unique? "IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence is a permanent color line with a fashion forward color palette. Not only is this line permanent, but it is customizable where you can create pastels or vivid colors."

Explain to us about the Pearl Technique – why is this technique so important to the ROYAL Pearlescence shades? "The Pearl Technique is a fusion of beautiful tones of lavender, candy and tangerines. To create this integration of color, the colors are placed on a pivot from the highest point of the crown. When the sections are on a diagonal following a pivot technique; it creates a soft "pearl" like effect."

Let's talk about IGORA ROYAL Absolutes. This is the first time Schwarzkopf Professional has launched this type of hair color with collagen. What inspired this launch? "Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ROYAL Absolutes was created with this technology for potential growth in salons – this growing target group of mature clients. Collagen helps fill in the gaps in the hair to make hair look fuller, healthier hair, with 100% coverage to create optimal shine."

What makes IGORA ROYAL Absolutes so revolutionary? "This is the first professional Collagen Color for mature hair. Intense fashion colors with 100% white hair coverage."

What is so special about the IGORA ROYAL Absolutes Age Blend Subrange? "It offers 100% white hair coverage with softer skin tone-matching shades to flatter a natural color result."

With the new launch of IGORA ROYAL Absolutes Age Blend for the more mature market how important is the launch going to be for the salon business? "Once salons use this color line they will see their clients filled with excitement. Mature skin changes in its complexion, leading to clients not knowing what color works for them. Mature clients are looking for that color that they used to love, the high shine, grey coverage and color that will complement their skin tones. The ten new IGORA Absolutes Age Blend shades will definitely do this!"

Schwarzkopf Professional has always stayed current and up to date with what is on trend. Tell us about the new trends for Modern Style Collection Spring/Summer 2015? "There are 3 trends in Modern Style Collection ~ Pearlescent Girls, Hippi Glam and Rok Chic. Essential Looks is created by viewing the catwalks for fashion weeks. We look at the fabrics, color direction and then with collaborating the ideas and then Essential Looks is created. I was honored and thrilled to be part of the design team in creating the Modern Style Collection."

What are some of the looks we can expect to be successful this Spring/Summer season? "Splashes of color will be a big trend either splashes from the "pearl technique" or "tie-dyed" or "kiss of color" effects to create a color palette to enhance the sexy disheveled hair or clean line, interior texture. Color and cuts marry together for a beautiful final result."

What are some of your best tips for salon owners who are trying to keep trendy? "Education is the key to success! There are many classes to attend to where you learn simply but modern techniques that salons can use on their clients. Learning new ideas and inspirations help hairdressers to always "plant new ideas into the clients". Once this seed is planted, clients are more apt to trying something new. With education and practice the stylist becomes more confident which in turn builds more clients and keeps client retention."

How important is education to Schwarzkopf Professional and, personally, for Rossa Jurenas? "Schwarzkopf Professional ASK education offers many classes in all different avenues; color techniques, cutting classes, session styling, photo shoot classes. Schwarzkopf Professional keeps their staff and educators educated to the highest level that they can be. Fashion changes all the time... you need to keep yourself on the forefront! For me, I believe that there are many stylists out there, the question is... Why does your client want to come back to you? What makes you stand out? This crosses my mind all the time. There are times when you try something new that may not work, but learn from that and build yourself stronger! Have fun, learn lots because life is full of surprises, ideas and passion! Dreams have wings!"

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  • IGORA ROYAL Absolutes

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  • IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence

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