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Revlon's Lorenzo Delpani: "At Revlon, We Love the Professional Beauty Industry"

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 18:08

Last Monday night, the Style Masters Show by Revlon Professional in Rome beat all records with its busiest edition to date. At the main stage, Lorenzo Delpani, CEO of Revlon Inc., expressed his ongoing commitment to the hair industry to the 4,000 beauty professionals from across the globe who attended the show.

Delpani, who has served as the President and CEO for Revlon Inc. since October 2013 expressed a strong commitment to professionals: “At Revlon, we love the professional business. All of us.” He went on to say: “From our salesmen and educators, who visit your salons everyday. In every country, from our general managers, to myself, we passionately love the professional beauty industry.” This statement confirmed Delpani’s ongoing commitment not only to the improvement of the Revlon brand but just how important professionals are to them. "Despite my new role as global CEO of Revlon, I am still fully involved and personally committed to the creation of great new products and services to help beauty professionals become the best you can be: Revlon Professional style masters."

Immediately before he was named President and CEO of Revlon, Lorenzo Delpani had served for over six years as CEO and Managing Director of The Colomer Group, a global professional and consumer beauty products company headquartered in Spain. Under his driven leadership, the company launched some amazing, game-changing products like Orofluido, Revlon Professional Style Masters, UniqOne or Revlonissimo 45 Days, to name a few.

Last Monday, Delpani also went on to announce Miguel Garcia Cotado as the new Vice President, Global Creative and Artistic Director for Revlon Inc. Under Miguel’s leadership, "Revlon is progressively integrating the look and feel of our brand communication, leveraging the brand ambassadors of Revlon, also for the professional campaigns.”

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