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Meet Alyssa Brasket, American Crew 2014-2015 U.S. All-Star Challenge Winner

Tuesday, 03 March 2015 21:19

At the 2015 ISSE Long Beach, Alyssa Brasket from Vancouver, Washington took home the American Crew 2014-2015 U.S. All-Star Challenge Title.  The national champ moved on to the American Crew Global All-Star Challenge Finals against 15 other countries that will take place in Rome, Italy. 

Before she leaves to Rome, Estetica USA was able to find out a little bit more about Alyssa – check it out!

So why men?
"I’ve always loved doing men’s hair because they actually like to change up their style – Usually, men are more willing to try new haircuts and they definitely give you the opportunity to develop your artistic side and they are not afraid of new ideas."

Did you started by specializing in men?
"I styled all women and a few men, then men and women, then finally all men. It was like about a year ago. Now I work in a barbershop specialized in all men’s haircuts called The Barbers. We have 24 stores throughout the Washington and Oregon area... It is a growing business!"

In Europe it isn’t that common to have female barbers as it is in the U.S., how do you feel about that?
"I think it’s awesome that women are starting to get more out there with barbering and I think that anyone can do it: it’s all women in our barbershop! On the weekends it is really busy; I probably do like 10-15 haircuts on a Saturday. Doing neck shaves, grooming their hair, showing them to blow dry... I love my job!"

It was amazing to see that all three U.S. All-Star Challenge finalists were women. You are changing the game!
"Yes, game changing (laughs). The truth is that I follow pretty much male barbers on Facebook except for like some of the All Stars from American Crew who are women. So, yes, it was awesome that the three finalists were women.”  

Which are your favorite techniques or favorite hairstyles?
"I love the feather razor. It adds lots of texture and dynamism to a haircut. You can really create something that’s much more than the average cut."

What is your connection with American Crew and how did you decide to enter this competition?
"I got into the All-Star Challenge because our stores organized a competition where we had to create a haircut using American Crew products. Then we had a meeting for the competition at the shop where we were asked to enter. We were asked to bring a model and I was lucky enough to get in contact with my photographer and ask for a hookup with a model. He allowed me to go through his agency and so I found my model and I got my winning look."

When was the first time you used American Crew products?
"I’ve been using American Crew products since I started hair school. So it's been 9 years now. My favorite products are definitely the Defining Paste, Firm Hold Gel and I love the Liquid Wax, it takes out all the frizz! American Crew is always coming up with great products, it’s an awesome brand."

What about the experience of doing a photo shoot with such a legend like David Raccuglia, Founder of American Crew?
"I started crying when I found out because I was just so happy. He usually just does the global round, so I couldn’t believe it – I felt such an honor that he was willing to trust us and the people that selected us. It was a really cool experience to be at the Milk Studios with him. It is a beautiful studio, it can’t get any better than that."

Are there any male celebrities that you would love to style?
"I would love to do David Beckham's hair. I like David because he has no fear. He was actually my inspiration for the shoot. I would also like to do Zach Effron. I heard he’s a really cool guy and I thought it would be cool to talk to him and get into his hair really (laughs)."

What do you think the future has in store for you?
"My goal is to meet so many people around the world. I definitely want to do a video type of thing where I go to different barbershop/salons to show what they can do. I feel like a lot of people don’t know that they can get neck shaves and beard shaves or little extra additions and create great style. I want to show everyone's success in that way. I’m hoping American Crew can help me get in that direction of just showing off other shops around the world. Just winning this competition I feel like anything is possible!"

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