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Charlie Le Mindu showcases amazing Hair Art with Hairdreams

Friday, 27 February 2015 20:35

New Paris Exhibition features Charlie Le Mindu’s one-of-a-kind hair creations made with Hairdreams.

Charlie Le Mindu encapsulates what art means, with his haute coiffure fashion using Hairdreams hair creations. The exhibit “Le Bord des Mondes” (The Edge of Worlds) features the meaning of art with digital technology, fashion, photography, and science. The exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris’s highly acclaimed contemporary art museum, will run from February 18–May 17, 2015.

At the exhibit, Charlie Le Mindu shares his affinity for hair styling and high fashion couture. His featured hair creations are inspired by themes that evoke fantasy intertwined with high fashion such as deep sea creatures, mythological bestiaries, historical monuments and punk icon Nina Hagen. In fact, some of his exhibited pieces feature genuine 100% real human hair by Hairdreams, which was delicately color-customized in real 24K gold; thus, inventing a brand new method to create golden hair allowing gold pigments to be permanently attached to real human hair.

Le Mindu is recognized for his signature haute coiffure fashion using legendary Hairdreams hair strands for magnificent hair garments, hair wigs, hair sculptures and hair accessories. He is a favorite fashion designer of many top celebrities, including edgy songstress Lady Gaga, who wears his hair couture pieces for dramatic entrances and over-the-top fashion style. His intricately curated haute coiffure designs are truly one-of-a-kind fashion pieces that disguise, camouflage and modify the body. 

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  • Charlie Le Mindu

  • Charlie Le Mindu

  • Charlie Le Mindu


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