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Outlandish Hair Creations by Charlie Le Mindu for Hairdreams – Live in Rome!

Friday, 26 December 2014 15:02

Hairdreams and avant garde hair artist Charlie le Mindu showcased a spectacular event this season firing up the crowd at 'Forum del Parrucchiere Eccellente' in Rome, Italy.

French hair designer, Charlie Le Mindu, who counts Lady Gaga among his famous his clients, featured his extraordinary Hair Couture Collection "Stronger" made with 100% real hair by Hairdreams. After the show, the Italian Hairdreams Team presented the most creative looks styled with the Laserbeamer Nano System.

The Alternative Hair Show in the 'Forum del Parrucchiere Eccellente' is one of the most anticipated top industry events in Italy created by Tony Rizzo. More than 3,000 hairdressers attended the event again this year in Rome. A special highlight of this year’s show featured Hairdreams and Parisian avant garde hair coiffure designer, Charlie le Mindu. He created sensational longer hairstyles, one-of-a-kind hair pieces and designed outlandish couture dresses made with 100% real hair from Hairdreams. Le Mindu is one of the most highly regarded designers in Paris‘ Haute Couture industry. Pop icons including Lady Gaga and Lana del Rey are just a few top names who choose to wear his creations in public appearances and hi-fashion events.

Charlie Le Mindu‘s inspiration behind his new collection stems from a world that people have never seen before and have been unreachable by mankind: in the infinite depths of the oceans and the universe. The highlights of the collection are enormous sculptures emitting intensive fluorescent-colored hair. Each one of them is a piece of art in itself or representing a creature out of the ocean world of strange extraterrestrial beings.

The catwalk was pitch dark to make the creations visible in black light highlighting its phosphorescent colors. The result was a one-of-a-kind fascinating catwalk and the show generated so much enthusiasm from the audience. After Charlie Le Mindu’s show, a team consisting of Italian Hairdreams Elite Partners under the direction of Hairdreams Italia Master Trainer Silvana Copes showcased stunning new styles with Hairdreams. For this segment of the show, the Hairdreams stylists produced dramatic hair styles using the new Laserbeamer Nano Hair creations system with premium 100% real human hair from Hairdreams.

In the end, this spectacular event was a huge success for Hairdreams which led to attendees rushing to the Hairdreams booth after the show. The final gala dinner was another highlight of the evening, in which the Italian Hairdresser of the Year was awarded. Hairdreams Partner Nicole Vinti received the Italian Hairdressing Award in the 'Avantgarde' Category. In conjunction with the award, Hairdreams also rewarded Nicole Vinti with a gift certificate valued at €6,000 for the new Laserbeamer Nano System.

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  • Hairdreams & Charlie Le Mindu – Rome 2014

  • Hairdreams & Charlie Le Mindu – Rome 2014Rom_Forum_Foto_11

  • Hairdreams & Charlie Le Mindu – Rome 2014

  • Hairdreams & Charlie Le Mindu – Rome 2014

  • Hairdreams & Charlie Le Mindu – Rome 2014

  • Hairdreams & Charlie Le Mindu – Rome 2014

  • Hairdreams & Charlie Le Mindu – Rome 2014

  • Hairdreams & Charlie Le Mindu – Rome 2014

  • Hairdreams & Charlie Le Mindu – Rome 2014

  • Hairdreams & Charlie Le Mindu – Rome 2014

  • Hairdreams & Charlie Le Mindu – Rome 2014


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