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London Calling: Davines' World Wide Hair Tour 2014

Sunday, 14 September 2014 18:52

Following Berlin, Miami and Paris, it's now London's turn to host the Davines' World Wide Hair Tour, taking place in the Freemason's Hall, on Octiber 19-21, 2014.

This international event brings together Davines clients from all over the world, as the brand offers new creative inspiration and a chance for hairdressers to measure up against their peers in the industry worldwide.

It's a full-immersion experience in the world of beauty and creativity. Firstly, there are the shows by international stylists who will be revealing their own ideas about the latest and upcoming hairtrends. Then there is the new generation of talented hairdressers arriving in the tenth World Style Contest, a live show event which rewards the best creations inspired by the Davines style, and the fourth EcoSalon Contest, where the winning salon is a clear and dedicated supporter of the Sustainable Beauty policies promoted by the brand.

International hairstylists scheduled to appear on stage this year are Angelo Seminara, Allilon, Samuel Rocher, Brian Suhr & Kirsten Denant, and Anna Pacitto. The 2014 finalists in the World Style Contest are: Anthony Polsinelli (Canada), Chantal Girard (Canada), Valentina Fiscaletti (Italy), Ignazio Muñoz (Mexico), Keegan Nelson (New Zealand), Doc Calao-Lao (Philippines), Lalys Mendoza Sanchez (Peru), Tatyana Samohvalova (Russia), Schumi Yi-Ta Chen (Taiwan), and Sophie Harris (UK).

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