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Paris plays host to Intercoiffure Mondial!

Thursday, 11 September 2014 14:26

Hairdressers from all corners of the world arrived in Paris last weekend to see the shows and take part in the master classes at 2014 Intercoiffure Mondial in Paris!

The gala evening of Intercoiffure Mondial's international event was held in the prestigious Sala Wagram in Paris, just a few steps away from the Champs-Elysées. The evening kicked off with the traditional award ceremony to celebrate members of the association who have greatly contributed to the development of artistic creativity, spreading the brand's name and influence worldwide.

For the organization's President, Klaus Peter Ochs, this was an opportunity to admire the work of all the teams taking part in the event and to remind everyone that the real qualities which mark out the hairdressing profession are sharing, quality and listening skills. This gathering brought together dozens of professionals, with the Asian hair industry becoming more substantially represented every year.

Then there were the shows. First off was the elegant and exciting contribution from Fondation Guillaume, “Backstage on Stage”, which focused on technical savoir-faire and all the “preparatory work” needed to highlight a woman's beauty. Meanwhile, the South Korea Intercoiffure team brought traditional outfits and hairstyles to the stage, injected with a vein of modernity.

The Klaus Peter Ochs team put on a truly topical show called “Selfie”, diving into the permanently-connected world of social networking – decisive cuts, deliberately exaggerated styling and a never-ending desire to be on show, via selfies. To round off the evening, the “White Nights” show offered, among many other things, icy Nordic blondes who transported the audience virtually to the chilliest corners of Northern Europe.

The next day, the Maison des Nations staged their master classes with chignon lessons by Philippe Laurent, the different cultures of Kawai with Japanese hairdressers Hiroaki Kaga and Takashi Hase of Intercoiffure Japan, glamorous cuts from Mari Nicacio and Bruno Summer, and colouring by Peter Dawson (European Sassoon Director for Wella Professionals).


  • Show "Selfie", Klaus Peter Ochs

  • Show "Selfie", Klaus Peter Ochs

  • Show "Selfie", Klaus Peter Ochs

  • Show "Selfie", Klaus Peter Ochs

  • Show "Blackstage on stage" , Fondation Guillaume

  • Master Class, Philippe Laurent

  • Master Class, Philippe Laurent

  • Master Class Hiroaki Kaga

  • Master Class Mari Nicacio & Bruno Sommer

  • Master Class Peter Dawson & Scott Cottis

  • Master Class Peter Dawson & Scott Cottis

  • Master Class Hiroaki Kaga


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