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Intercoiffure Night of the Stars is Back!

Wednesday, 09 July 2014 20:02

The 2014 Intercoiffure Night of the Stars & Fashion Day is scheduled for 6-7th September in Paris. Check it out...

The first part of Intercoiffure’s Night of the Stars & Fashion Day event will be held at the Salle Wagram in Paris.

On 6th September, there will be not only a welcoming reception with cocktails and gala dinner but also 4 shows from top international stars:

  1. • Fondation Guillaume with Backstage on Stage
    • Klaus Peter Ochs, president of ICD Mondial, with Selfie
    • Intercoiffure Mondial Trend News 2015 with White Nights
    • South Korea’s Intercoiffure team

Meanwhile, Fashion Day on 7th September will be located at the Maison des Nations (249 rue Saint-Martin). The day of workshops will involve:

  1. • The Nordic countries’ Intercoiffure team
  2. • Peter Dawson (Sassoon European Colour Director for Wella)
  3. • Mari Nicacio & Bruno Sommer (Fondation Guillaume)
  4. • Hiroaki Kaga & Takashi Hase (Japan’s Intercoiffure Team)


  • ICD Night of the Stars

  • ICD Night of the Stars

  • ICD Night of the Stars

  • ICD Night of the Stars

  • ICD Night of the Stars

  • ICD Night of the Stars

  • ICD Night of the Stars

  • ICD Night of the Stars


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