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Bellus Academy Launches CBD Curriculum to Elevate Spa Education

Saturday, 10 April 2021 10:00

As demand for aspirational esthetics continues to grow, Bellus Academy is advancing skincare and spa education with the hottest trend in wellness!  CBD, once thought of as the “Wild West” is now offered by luxury retailers such as Nieman Marcus and on the service menus at high-end spas and resorts including Admirals Cove – Blue Water Spa, Jupiter Fla. and the Kohler – Waters Spa, in Kohler, Wisc.

While CBD treatments and therapies are becoming mainstream, the esthetician’s knowledge when it comes to selecting the right terpenes and tinctures is critical for clients to derive optimal benefits from CBD treatments. The essential role of the esthetician as skincare and formulation advisor, inspired Bellus Academy to curate a custom CBD curriculum.
Joanne Berry, a globally sought expert on skincare and spa therapies has developed a proprietary CBD curriculum with the partnership of the respected On The GreenTM CBD company. The curriculum equips estheticians and massage therapists to confidently develop CBD therapy protocols, educate students on the qualities to look for in a CBD product and advise on best practices for home skincare to help clients extend the results of CBD following a spa treatment.
The Bellus Academy CBD curriculum includes a series of modules, beginning with an analysis of the endocannabinoid system and how this system affects the human body in areas such as sleep, mood, appetite and fertility. Educational content also includes various terpenes -  chemically altered natural compounds in the cannabis plant – and their application in CBD tinctures for facials, massage and nail treatments. Other modules focus on selecting the proper spectrum and tincture to achieve desired results.
Bellus Academy was inspired to create the proprietary CBD curriculum based on robust market demand. Spas, salons and resorts  are seeking high-quality CBD offerings, and education to support CBD on the service menu. According to the International Spa Association (ISPA) 2019 Snapshot Survey, 48% of member spas reported including CBD products in their retail offerings and 56% planned to add CBD offerings in the next two years. With this data in mind, nearly three out of four spas are projected to include CBD offerings on their menu in 2021.
Remarking on the need for CBD education, Lynne McNeese, ISPA President stated, “Spa leaders want to be sure that every product and treatment option they take on is in the best interest of their guests and their teams. Even though a lot of the uncertainty around CBD has faded, many spas have taken a cautious approach—they want to know that the ingredients are of a high quality, that CBD produces real benefits and that they’re working with trusted, reputable brands that can support its integration into their menus. Education that can clearly outline the benefits of CBD to not only spas’ bottom lines, but to their guests’ well-being, is essential to increased adoption and everything that goes along with that.”
In evaluating CBD products for its salon and spa, Bellus Academy’s Director of Spa and Wellness Education Joanne Berry and owner Lynelle Lynch researched the marketplace to identify a partner well aligned to the needs of the spa sector. “As trusted influencers in the skincare space, spa professionals are passionate about understanding how the ingredients inform a formulation’s mode of action and support clients’ wellness objectives,” says Lynch. “Offering a portfolio of products trusted by authorities in the spa and golf world and built on research and discovery, On The Green is a natural partner for Bellus Academy.”
On the Green was developed by Nick Fishendon, a former pro golfer whose career was cut short due to a back injury. Inspired by how CBD products allowed him to resume playing the game he loved, Nick found a new career calling and became a student of how cannabinoids and terpenes work in conjunction with neurotransmitters to influence pain, mood, memory sleep and immunity.
Bellus Academy is adding the CBD spa curriculum to programs at its California and  Kansas campuses in spring 2021.
The top academy in North America, Bellus Academy has been recognized by the prestigious Intercoiffure Award. It is one of the nation’s most innovative and influential esthetic programs, and is the first school in North America to offer the prestigious CIDESO Skincare Certificate and the first school to offer the Wellness for Cancer training program.

Co-Founded by Nick, an aspiring professional golfer who suffered a career-ending injury, and Neil Fishenden, On the Green CBD’s wide array of products are available in U.S. and U.K. markets through specialist shops and online direct-to-consumer sales. Product range includes three lines of tinctures — Focus, Recovery and Sleep — as well as  sunblock, vegan gummies, softgel capsules, hand sanitizer and an arnica and turmeric relief cream. On the Green CBD is a prestige brand, currently with placement agreements in such luxury facilities as Santa Lucia Preserve, Southern Highlands and The Farms. For more information visit

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