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A provocative exhibition of artistic commingling

Tuesday, 06 April 2021 10:25
By Marie Scarano

With a title like “Dirty Art Hairdressing by Hairfucker” this exhibition at the Dor Dor Gallery in Brooklyn, from April 8 -10, could be nothing less than intriguing and thought-provoking.

When we think of haute coiffure, the fashion weeks of NYC, Paris, Milan, and London come to mind, where couture creations are enhanced by often visionary hairstyles and accessories by some of the greatest international brands and artists.

Today, not only fashion, but rather social, political, economic and cultural upheavals are being propagated more and more frequently thanks to digital media, putting other countries and cultures in the spotlight. Now niche movements like the hairdressing label HairFcker from St. Petersburg, Russia is just one such case and has now crossed the intercontinental divide with the Dirty Art Hairdressing exhibition.

On April 8 -10, the Dor Dor Gallery at 45 Irving Avenue in Brooklyn New York will be opening its doors to provocative art by Russian hairdressers and modern street art as seen through the prism of hairdressing. Going beyond the gathering of the works of hairdressers and artists representative of the Russian modern avant-garde movement, some of the hair-art objects will even be scattered around the city, where passers-by will be able to stumble upon them during their daily routine.

This wild mix of contemporary art is essentially dedicated to hair as an independent pop-up mix: installations, paintings, sculptures, photography, video art, digital hairdressing, and educational creative projects. The vast range of artistic media used also spurred performances and fashion shows to be held as part of the exhibition, some of which will be in collaboration with the Japanese designer Sho Konishi. Konishi is known for his extraordinary ideas and ability to combine the incongruous, making his works the perfect complement to those of the St. Petersburg art group.

“In a word, all the things that your mom doesn't like!”


  • Dirty Art Hairdressing by Hairfucker

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  • covDirty Art Hairdressing by Hairfuckerer image Russian artist exhibition

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