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Eufora Style Director Mirza Batanovic shares 5 styling tips for trending texture and volume

Monday, 22 March 2021 11:50
By Marie Scarano

The pros know all the tricks to get trending textures and volumes, and Eufora Style Director Mirza Batanovic happily shares 5 of his favorite styling products and tips for amping up air power and volume.

Pumping up the volume and texture on flat, lifeless hair at home takes more than just applying the right products and hoping for the best. No one know this better than Eufora Style Director, Mirza Batanovic, who breaks the pro technique down into 5 basic tips to be remembered and shared with all salon guests.

1 – First, a “Golden Rule” to keep in mind is: "When it comes to setting any desired style the most important thing to remember - heat molds hair, cool air sets hair." Often customers are not aware that some products, like the award-winning Eufora Volume Fusion Spray, are only activated by heat. "The name sounds awesome and straightforward enough, but it simply won’t maximize lift without applying heat."

2 – In addition to activating the product with heat, Mirza says, “Wait for the hair to be about 80% dry before applying, then spray it on the roots where you want to see volume amplified.” This will help ensure optimum results.

3 - Another helpful hint from Batanovic. “Use the right tools. The best is an iconic brush to get right at the roots, then apply heat to the root area, and roll the brush down. Repeat a second time, and then let the hair rest until completely cool. Again, the cool air helps set the desired look.”

4 -  For those seeking sky-high volume with no heat styling required, EuforaStyle Powder Lift is the solution. It looks a little like fairy dust, and a small amount will deliver magical results. Batanovic’s tips for using EuforaStyle Powder Lift? “Think of this more as pepper than salt when applying. Once hair is fully dry, tap a small amount on the root area where you want the volume amplified, then add a little at a time to build. Beware dumping too much all at once as the hold can sneak up on you. After applying, rake your fingers through the hair to activate the unique powder to liquid formula.”

5 - For maximum lift plus long-lasting all-day style, a cocktail of EuforaStyle Volume Fusion Spray and Powder Lift can provide amplified volume. The most important thing to remember is that product application directly correlates to product performance. So go ahead and turn up the heat, but don’t forget to invest in a healthy cool down. Employing the right air power at the right time can make or break the look!

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Hair: Mirza Batanovic, Eufora Style Director
Photography: Mark Short


  • Mirza Batanovic, Eufora Style Director

  • Eufora style Powder Lift

  • Hair: Mirza Batanovic, Eufora Style Director | Photography: Mark Short

  • Eufora Volume Fusion Spray


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