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P&G VIP compliments Estetica

Friday, 24 February 2012 11:15

It's difficult to imagine Estetica Publisher Roberto Pissimiglia blushing, but it would be safe to say that he has very good reason to stand tall in light of the the warm compliment received by Adil Mehboob-Kahn, President of P&G SalonProfessional, during an exclusive interview in Geneva, Switzerland.

RP: What message would you like to send to the readers of all 26 editions of Estetica worldwide?

AMK: I want to say one thing about Estetica, because you are not just the most global and the most far reaching trade magazine - and I say “just” in quotation marks, because that would already be phenomenal - you’re also the voice of the industry. And there is also the fact that you are a family of several generations that has invested in this industry. So I think that you have a credibility that goes beyond what other businesses would have, because your family has continuously invested and innovated for generations. I find that a very powerful statement, and it distinguishes you from everybody else.

For the complete text of the interview, brimming with insight on the industry in general and the future outlook for P&G Salon Professional, be sure to see the spring edition of EsteticaUSA.

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