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Salon Emotion: Instilling Awareness, Organization and Motivation into the Salon Business

Thursday, 23 January 2020 15:32
“I think that for our brand and for our salon the window is very important. It is a first impression, what captures attention... and somehow it makes people imagine what kind of experience they might have if they step inside,” says Fabio Scalia.

Fabio Scalia had succeeded in founding and growing his own salon business and signature brand service. Then he met Salon Emotion...

Located on the border between two of Manhattan’s trendiest neighborhoods, SoHo and Tribeca, Fabio Scalia Salon is a full-service salon with a loyal clientele and talented staff. Then in 2018 Fabio discovered L’Oréal Professional Products’ Salon Emotion program and everything in his already successful salons changed... for the better!

We had a great meeting with L’Oréal and agreed it would be a perfect fit. Salon Emotion aligned with everything we had implemented as our salon philosophy and brand. With just a few small changes we were able to merge perfectly into Salon Emotion,” explains Fabio. L’Oréal provided the research and the tools and outlined an easy seven-step method, Fabio adds.

Indeed, the Salon Emotion concept focuses on the client experience as what truly makes a difference between one salon and another. But it also teaches how to monitor and measure; an innovative organizational approach. Click here to know more!

Fabio is no newcomer to the salon business, having started out at the tender age of twelve. Working in New York, one of the most competitive cities in the world, has given him more insight into salon finances and the bottom line. But Salon Emotion offers more than just black and red ink. By providing tools to measure what is improving and what is not, by taking into account demographics, location and more, Salon Emotion is able to boost strengths and tweak problem areas. Fabio emphasizes, “in the case of Salon Emotion, the growth and changes can be seen right in front of your eyes – and then you can follow-up to see how the numbers are going.

“Salon Emotion means we educate our team on how to take care of the hairdressing from the beginning to the end, not only on a technical level... That’s part of the trade, but hairdressing is way more than that. What I love about Salon Emotion is that it covers so much, from A to Z.”

For example,” he observes, “our retail went up by 25% within the first two months. We noticed that when we installed the video monitors in our windows, featuring brand content and emotional engagement, it had an immediate impact on walk-in clients. Seeing our salon professionals in action assuages their fears and doubts on taking that leap of faith and stepping in. From that moment on, the client starts to realize what she has been missing out on. Before the salon pros might recommend a treatment, but now it’s our repeat clients asking for the treatment: “My hair felt so good for two or three weeks!” When that happens, Fabio admits, “You feel that the client is truly reaping the benefits of your efforts and your studies.

So client retention and referrals are up, but so is staff retention. Our staff feels that someone has their back, like they have the best brand. They feel empowered by it. We were always close, but now we’re all in it together,” Fabio declares. “I tell people that by doing this, I guarantee you’re going to have much more fun working. Then it just follows that you will have better business results.

Join the future and elevate the client journey in your salon. For more information, please visit or follow on Instagram #salonemotionus


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