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Breaking News: Who’s Won and What’s New at Wella's International Trend Vision Awards!

Sunday, 04 November 2018 12:10

Destination Lisbon! 76 participants from 43 countries are inspired by the architectural and historical beauty of the Portuguese capital at the new-look International Trend Vision Awards by Wella Professionals.

It’s that one-in-a-lifetime dream turned into reality – the chance to represent your country at the hair industry’s highly acclaimed and prestigious ITVAs. This year more than ever before, the added values are outstanding, thanks to Wella Professionals bold decision to completely change the format and environment of its biggest annual event. For 2018, it moves away from the formal auditorium set-up into an inspirational creative playground.

The best of ITVA’s core concept...
After 16 years things are changing, but ITVA is still a competition. All the national Trend Vision gold awards winners for the two individual Creative and Color categories from the 43 participating countries are here.

So how has ITVA changed?
It’s more than just a competition – it now celebrates and elevates the competitors’ beauty talents, as well as celebrating the craft. It also enhances their skill set through mentoring, training and challenges, driving creative excellence to the next level. It becomes a unique professional experience which is highly appealing to a digital audience.

During their time at ITVA Creative Retreat, the winners are divided into 8 teams guided by 16 international mentors and together they enter 5 award categories:
1. Social Media Award based on level of SM activity, engagement rate and consistency;
2. Speak EIMI Award for best editorial look;
3. Couture Color Award for excellent colour work aligned to the brief;
4. ghd Award for interpreting the Queen Maker look;
5. Couture Collection Award for the collection most aligned to the brief.

On top, there are two additional awards based on the National Trend Vision Awards winning looks that brought the 76 finalists to Lisbon: the International Color Vision Award and the International Creative Vision Award.

How were the teams chosen?
Each of the 16 mentors were asked to send in a creatively inspirational photo. The participants were then asked to choose their top-5 photos and based on their choices, the teams where compiled. It was a complex system but highly effective, as participants already had a creatively empathy with their mentors based on their image selection. The result was 8 teams of 9 or 10 competitors each.

  • Meet the ITVA Mentors:
    Team 1 – Abby Smith & Dmitry Vinokurov (+ gifted mentor Nico Diaz)
  • Team 2 – Sonya Dove & Akin Konizi (+ gifted mentor Marta DelaPena)
  • Team 3 – Markus Hermann & Christophe-Nicolas Biot (+ gifted mentor Christie Hoogesteger)
  • Team 4 – Cyrill Brun & Matthias Herzberg (+ gifted mentor Claire Doyle)
  • Team 5 – Zoe Irwin & Miguel Estelrich (+ gifted mentor Cath McGuinness)
  • Team 6 – Alexis Ferrer & Bruce Masefield (+ gifted mentor Katie Howarth)
  • Team 7 – Renya Xydis & Andreas Kurkovitz (+ gifted mentor Victoria Thurman-Hall)
  • Team 8 – Darren Ambrose & Jayson Gray (+ gifted mentor Manjushree Soni)

The role of the mentors is threefold: Teaching – sharing their authentic self through tips, tricks and personal experience; Coaching – by inspiring, motivating and educating throughout the ITVA experience. And Judging – throughout the entire journey to the final judging session!


Estetica Magazine was here along the way to document this career-defining event – check out the winners below!

ITVA 2018 International Color Vision Award: Tanya Grant (Australia)

ITVA 2018 International Creative Vision Award: Sergey Chernyshev (Russia)

ITVA 2018 Social Media Award: Anastasia Petrova (Belarus)

ITVA 2018 ghd Award: TEAM 1 – Marcio Carvalho, Christian Vazquez Lopez, Sanya Keranen, Roxana Elena Rotaru, Lucian Ilie, Mustafa Sav, Izzet Tabak, Krista Ward, Nikki Clifford

ITVA 2018 Couture Color Award: TEAM 8 – Eden Hsu, Andy Huang, Jaileen Velez, Rafael Ortiz, Taisiia Romanenko, Iryna Radko, Yuiya Almetova, Amber Saft, Nikos Kouros

ITVA 2018 ghd Award: TEAM 4 – Viktoria Arapin, Evelina Varatinskae, Damian Witkowski, Anna Fabianczyk, Sergei Chernyshev, Olga Geevskaya, Tristan Hawkins, Guy Kleinhaus, Jessica Déléze Venetz, Marius Bettenmann

ITVA 2018 Couture Collection Award: TEAM 8 – Eden Hsu, Andy Huang, Jaileen Velez, Rafael Ortiz, Taisiia Romanenko, Iryna Radko, Yuiya Almetova, Amber Saft, Nikos Kouros

  • ITVA 2018 Gala Dinner

  • Sylvie Moreau & Patrick Cameron

  • International Color Vision Award – Tanya Grant (Australia)

  • International Creative Vision Award – Sergey Chernyshev (Russia)

  • ITVA 2018 Social Media Award – Anastasia Petrova (Belarus)

  • ITVA 2018 ghd Award – TEAM 1

  • ITVA 2018 Couture Color Award – TEAM 8

  • ITVA 2018 Speak EIMI Award – TEAM 4

  • ITVA 2018 Couture Collection Award – TEAM 8


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