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Revlon Professional will celebrate 10 years of Style Masters Show with a Historic Event!

Tuesday, 22 May 2018 15:40

Revlon Professional will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its great annual show on June 4 and we caught up with Miquel Garcia, VP Global Artistic & Creative Director of Revlon, who is also the head of the show since its inception.

All editions of Style Masters Show by Revlon Professional to date have been magical. From the first show in Prague, to Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Budapest, Lisbon, Rome, Paris, Brussels... But this year’s show in Barcelona is going to be very special for two reasons: firstly, because it celebrates a decade elevating the art of hairdressing and offering stylists from around the world a unique platform where to showcase their talent and creativity; and secondly because, it will be a very emotional event since it was precisely in Barcelona where Revlon Professional was born as a brand.

"We wanted to bring the show to the city that saw the brand born in 1979," says Miquel. "Revlon was founded much earlier in the United States and has a much longer history, but the professional division was created in Barcelona, so this is also a very nice way for us to honor the history of this great brand." In this sense, it is in Barcelona where products and iconic ranges were conceived for the brand such as Revlonissimo, UniqOne, Nutricolor or Equave, which have marked the history of Revlon Professional and the hairdressing industry.

For Miquel Garcia, this past decade has been the 10 of the last 100 years in which the hairdressing industry has revolutionized itself the most. “Evidently there has been a great evolution of cosmetic products and tools, but there has especially been a giant leap in the creative, artistic and educational evolution of a great majority of hairdressers," says the VP Global Artistic & Creative Director of Revlon. "In addition, we have witnessed the priceless phenomenon of the birth and expansion of social media – tools that the hairdresser has learned to use to disseminate their work, publicize and grow as professionals," Miquel explains.

All this growth, all this evolution, and the meaning that Revlon Professional has in the world of hairdressing will take shape in Barcelona on June 4. "Some of the launches that we have presented year after year in the Style Masters Show have contributed to change a part of the industry: the Style Masters styling range, the different editions of Orofluido, and even hairdressing collections that were a milestone like 'Neon' by X-Presion Creativos for Revlon Professional with the pixelated color technique. The attendees of the Style Masters Show in Lisbon 2014 were the first all over the world to discover this innovation," recalls Miquel.

In addition, the event will see the 9 international finalists of The Style Masters International Awards 2018 who will compete on stage to win one of the most prestigious awards on the international hairdressing scene. The Style Masters International Awards are a platform created by Style Masters of Revlon Professional that offers stylists the opportunity to express themselves as artists and to exhibit their most creative works.

"The professional hairdressing audience continue making Style Masters what it is today, and having reached a 10-year mark shows that we have done a great job during all this time. Every year I try to innovate just to offer different contents that excite, amaze and inspire hairdressers again," explains Miquel Garcia. "This 10th anniversary show is going to be something fantastic that people will remember for a long time: we are going to bring an innovative format that has not been seen so far in any hairdressing show in Europe and we are going to take advantage of this platform to communicate to the public different news and launches that will undoubtedly impact the hairdressing industry in the coming months."

The motto for the Style Masters Show this year is "A Life Changing Event" – an event that has changed the lives of hundreds of professionals in its 10 years of existence: national and international contestants, show attendees and professionals from around the world who have come together year after year in a show that has definitely become an unmissable event... See you in Barcelona!

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