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Make This the Experience of a Lifetime: American Crew's 2017-2018 All-Star Challenge!

Tuesday, 23 January 2018 17:42

What is keeping you from becoming the NEXT star stylist of the leading men’s grooming competition in the world? American Crew opened submissions for its 2017-2018 All-Star Challenge and now there is just one month to enter!

With an awesome heritage of brand leadership and history behind it, the American Crew All-Star Challenge has been held in cities around the world and this year the competition will take in beautiful Barcelona in June 2018!

American Crew is accepting entries until Feb. 28, 2018 at

Stylists from around the world will put their technique and talent to the test in the competition, using American Crew products to create looks that capture the trendsetting-yet-timeless spirit of the brand. Individual in-country judging panels will review entries and select their country’s finalist. The top 15 finalists will receive an all-expense paid trip to the competition in June 2018, where they will compete to be recognized as the American Crew 2017-2018 All-Star Challenge Global Champion!

But it’s not just about winning the All-Star Challenge global award,” says Mike Sharkey, Global Director for Education at American Crew. “You are meeting and being exposed to the world all in one place. This is a one-of-a-kind competition where you witness relationships developing amongst contestants from 15 different countries. I mean, everybody is rooting for each other and I watch it happen each time. For instance, one of the All-Star Challenge winners decided to travel around Europe going to the different barber shops of the contestants they had met because of this experience. That’s a really cool journey to have as a stylist; to go to different shops and how that can open up new experiences in each barbershop where they will learn. So, it really isn’t just about winning.

After the first day of competition there is a shift, you are coming into the unknown... so everyone is reserved, but once we have that reception, you can start to feel the inhibitions falling aside, and then by half day on the first photoshoot day, everyone is just enjoying an amazing experience,” says Sharkey.

Another exciting thing for me and the contestants as well is that some of these stylists have never done a photoshoot, so they hadn’t previously been introduced to working with a stylist, a make-up artist, with a photographer – let alone the legendary David Raccuglia as the photographer!,” says Sharkey. “This turns out to be a first in a lifetime experience and seeing people try things for the first time for me is exciting, because you don’t know what could happen that could spark a new interest in them. Every direction that you could go in is a different positive adventure. Many people need to be open to seeing how much opportunity there is!

The American Crew All-Star Challenge Global Champion will receive a prize of $10,000 USD, the Global Champion trophy, an invitation to judge the 2018-2019 All-Star Challenge, a full scholarship to new American Crew education programs and events, and a framed, retouched image of their winning look. Additionally, the chosen look will be featured on a 2018 an American Crew Champion promotional pack of products.

To enter, stylists should cut and style a male model with American Crew products and take two black and white pictures of the model from chest-level and above (one face-on, one profile) in front of a blank background, with no props visible. Entrants can upload the photos and their contact information via the entry portal ( along with a brief description of the look and the products used.

What are you waiting for? This could be the experience of your lifetime...

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