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The Fellowship Show 2017 – Top Men's Grooming and Barbering in New York

Saturday, 11 November 2017 21:42

As the first of its kind, The Fellowship Show (Nov 13th, Brooklyn Bowl, NYC) fills a void by being the first show dedicated solely to men’s grooming and barbering. The event wants to create an educational experience while building a community for networking and growth amongst barbers and stylists alike.

The show will deliver both high-level education and unique show experiences to attendees by combining interactive trade show elements in its Connection Center with Live On-Stage Demonstrations, Education and Photoshoot delivered by Top Industry Artists and Influencers in Men’s Grooming. The After-Party to follow, will create the perfect environment and bring together artists and attendees through networking in a fun and relaxed environment to encourage and build a greater sense of community amongst the professionals in the mens grooming industry.

In an effort to reach beyond and bring good will, The Fellowship Show will be donating a portion of the proceeds to benefit Mark Bustos#BeAwesomeToSomebody charity organization, where Mark and his team provide haircuts to the homeless and hurting communities here in the U.S. and throughout the world.

The Fellowship Show Artists/Educators include Mark Bustos himself, an exceptional stylist and humanit-HAIR-ian, that combines his passion for men’s grooming with a desire to impact the world; Matty Conrad, recognized as one of the top men’s grooming experts in North America – after 15 years as a top stylist, creative platform artist, and successful salon owner his passion for technical haircutting and a strong admiration for his grandfather drove him to shift career paths and enter the world of barbering; Kevin Luchmun, an award winning self taught barber and photographer based out of London, that has combined modern and traditional aspects of barbering and hairdressing to form his own unique style; Sofie "StayGold" Pok, a barber stylist from Los Angeles, member of the International Educators for Babyliss Pro, known for her cleanliness and attention to detail in short hairstyles; Rob the Original, with his background in drawing, combined with his professional barber skills, Rob has changed the way we look at haircuts; Julius “Julius Caesar” Arriola, has been relentless in his passion to deliver true barbering over the past 15 years, establishing himself as one the Hair Industry’s leading forces.

For more information and to buy tickets please visit

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