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Estetica's No Holds Barred with Tony Rizzo

Sunday, 23 July 2017 15:19

Inspire, motivate, and achieve perfection: this is the motto of Tony Rizzo, founder of Sanrizz. Recognized worldwide as one of the best English hairstylists, his main position is that of CEO of the Sanrizz empire and founder of the legendary Alternative Hair Show.

His 35 years of experience, his success, and his enormous contribution to the art of hairdressing have not changed Tony Rizzo, who is as enthusiastic today about his work as he was at the beginning. Energy, optimism and engagement are the other attributes that back up his endless passion for the hair industry, which sees him busy in seminars, shows, international fairs, and photo shoots, in the Sanrizz Academy and in training.

Without forgetting his 34 years of contributions to Alternative Hair, the foundation that as of today has collected 10 million British pounds to support the battle against infantile leukaemia. The idea of the foundation arose in 1983, when Tony Rizzo and his wife Maggie lost their first-born, Valentino, who had just turned two, to leukaemia. They began involving all hairdressers in Alternative Hair, a fundraising project that today still enjoys the intense enthusiasm of all.

We got intimate with Tony in our 'no holds barred' interview – don't miss out!

  • Your favorite color is... blue.
  • You say no to... lots of things.
    You spend money on... my family.
    You dream of... always having good health.
    Before sleeping, you... I pray.
    You fall in love with... my wife, always.
    You laugh at... everything. 
    You couldn't live without... my family.
    You believe in... God and Jesus.
    You hate... nothing.
    You regret... not spending enough on my kids.
    You're happy when... I have a good day with my family.
    On TV, you watch... soap operas.
    You find a woman attractive... always.
    You compliment... good kids who work hard.
    You get bored when... I meet people who can't be bothered.
    Today, you're free to... I have no obligations but I still don't feel that free because there's always something I need to do. 
    You are nostalgic for... my birthplace, in the province of Salerno.
    You scold... my kids.
    The colors you would never mix are... copper with blonde.
    You take care of yourself by... exercising once or twice a week. 
    Success is... I don't know how to gauge success, I have no idea what it is...
    For a friend, you'd do... anything.
    You could live on... music.
    You run from... the Devil.
    You look to the future with... positivity. There's a great light at the end of the tunnel.
    You use irony to... laugh at myself and others.
    You find sexy... Women.
    You're sad when... I see children starving.
    You'd like to receive... love.
    You fear... nothing.
    Good taste is... knowing what you want.
  • If you were a color, you'd be... red, the symbol of fire and excitement, heat, passion...
    You're obsessed with... constantly moving forward and improving.
    You could never part from... my crucifix. 
    You lack... nothing.
    Impossible color is... color creation is never impossible, but it can be more difficult on unhealthy hair.
    You love eating... dark chocolate.
    You feel good when... I'm doing great things at work, but true happiness comes at home with the family. 
    Your character is... too tough.
    You always forget... my keys.
    For work, you have to... guarantee work for my employees.
    The thing you always pack first is... a smart suit and my work tools.
    You cross your fingers... against those who wish me ill.

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