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Estetica's No Holds Barred with Sassoon's Mark Hayes

Tuesday, 18 July 2017 18:47

Mark Hayes, Sassoon's International Creative Director, has distinguished his career with creativity, inspiration, and countless awards. Hairdressing, according to Mark Hayes, is a constant discovery! We got intimate with Mark in our 'no holds barred' interview – you’ll be surprised at his answers!

Twice winner of the British Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year and countless nominations for the title of Creative Head Most Wanted Hair Icon and British Hairdresser of the Year. Mark Hayes is one of the leading hairdressing talents of our time, a spokesperson of a legacy that can be traced back to Vidal Sassoon and the Brit hairdressing tradition!

You say no to… negativity.
You spend money on… frivolity.
You dream of… can never remember.
Before sleeping, you… read for ages.
You fall in love with… innovative spirits.
If you weren't a hairdresser, you would be… a maquette maker.
You laugh about… anything.
As a kid, you were... shy.
Your favorite color is… at the moment, French Navy.
You believe in… miracles.
You couldn’t live without... laughter.
You regret... cigarettes (stopped now).
You're happy when… I feel secure.
On TV, you watch… movies.
At the cinema, you love… beauty.
You are attracted to a woman who is… fun and clever.
You are bored when… not working on a project.
Today, you're free to… express myself.
You'd never mix... Never more than three and never garishly opposite colors like red and green or blue and yellow.
You feel nostalgic for… Vidal.
You look after your health with… peaceful pursuits.
Success makes… people feel good.
For a friend, you would… help unreservedly.
You could live on… Japanese food.
You run from… aggression.
In a woman, you notice… their whole being, physical and spiritual.
You look to the future with… optimism.
You use irony to… amuse myself.
You find sexy… character.
When you're sad, you… try and shake myself out of it.
You'd like to receive… friendship.
You fear... heights.
Good taste is… elegance.
You thank… my mentors.
You're obsessed with… detail.
“Class” is… restraint.
You could never do without… my friends.
You lack… patience.
You love eating… sashimi.
You feel good when… I'm productive.
Your character is… optimistic.
You always forget… the time.
You work to… produce beautiful relevant things.
For work, you have to... always do my best.
Love prevents… hate.
The thing you always pack first is… airtight plastic bags.
You cross your fingers when… my loved ones have their hopes pinned on something.
If you were a color, you’d be… charcoal grey.

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