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The 4th edition of The Mentor – Best Emerging Talent competition is more international than ever!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 18:23

The Mentor – Best Emerging Talent is an international competition that celebrates young talent spotted by 4 world-renowned Mentors. Brought to life by the prestigious media brand, EsteticaNetwork, and the French industry leader MCB by Beauté Sélection, this contest aims to showcase young promising hairdressers, selected by recognized professionals!

For this edition, four exceptional Mentors will travel the world to perform prestigious shows, train the young generation and represent the profession: Sergi Bancells, General Manager of Estetica USA, Spain and Latin America; Riadh El Hendi, member of the Sebastian Professional international artistic team; Christophe Gaillet, Global Ambassador for L'Oréal Professionnel / World, European and French Champion; and X-Presion, founded by Jose Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo and Jorge Cáncer, a hairdressing collective for creativity and training in the field of hairdressing avant-garde.

The goal of this competition is to extend the opportunities to 8 young international talents who are identified for the artistic quality of their creations, and who will get the honor to perform for the first time on the MCB By Beauté Sélection stage.

After a vote of the Mentors, here is the list of 8 finalists who will be present on the MCB by Beauté Sélection stage on Monday, September 18th.

Team Sergi Bancells
Ivan Rodriguez (Mexico)
Josh Demarco (USA)

Team Riadh El Hendi
Céline Laramy (France)
Dale Herne (UK)

Team Christophe Gaillet
Florent Debruxelles (FR)
Pierre Ginsburg (FR / UK)

X-Presion Team
Tutti Frutti (UK)
Alexandra Newman (Australia)

The 2-hour battle brings together 8 candidates where each team, supported on stage by their Mentor, will present their artistic creation to be judged also by the independent jury and the audience for 20 minutes. The winner of the competition will be awarded the trophy "Best Emerging Talent 2017" and is decided by public votes, complemented by the jury's appreciation and trained eye.

The winner shall be covered extensively by Estetica and will have the opportunity to present a personal show during the Beauté Sélection exhibition in Lyon (France)!

Stay tuned for more info on this exciting competition!

  • Mentor, Sergi Bancells

  • Mentor, Riadh El Hendi

  • Mentor, Christophe Gaillet

  • Mentor, X-presion

  • Equipe Sergi Bancells : Josh DeMarco

  • Equipe Sergi Bancells : Javier Ivan Rodriguez Martinez

  • Equipe Riadh El Hendi : Celine Laramy

  • Equipe Riadh El Hendi : Dale Herne

  • Equipe Christophe Gaillet : Pierre Ginsburg

  • Equipe Christophe Gaillet : Florent Debruxelles

  • Equipe X-Presion : Alexandra Newman

  • Equipe X-Presion : Tutti Frutti


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