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Care and Beauty Intersects for Salon K's Transgender Services

Sunday, 12 March 2017 15:34

As care is core to Aveda, the brand's salons and spas take care of their local clientele by offering uniquely Aveda services intertwined with their own individual missions for wellness and beauty.

Salon K in Concord, New Hampshire is doing exactly this by offering Aveda traditional services alongside their specialized Transgender Services— beauty offerings that aren’t often found in most salons. The majority of the services are for men physically transitioning from male to female at any stage of the transition process, and include custom cut and color services; wig management and recommendations; makeup lessons; permanent hair removal; and skin care. Services for women transitioning to men include haircuts and guidance on hair styling for a masculine look.

Aveda Artist and Salon K owner Kae Mason (pictured above) shares that the services are really about offering transgender women a safe haven, free of judgment where they can use beauty practices to discover their true identity. “We show transgender women how to use makeup, but also what shades and looks can best reflect the person inside,” Kae says.

So what makes Kae the expert in offering these highly popular services?I am a transgender woman, completely post operation, fully and happily living my life by being exactly who I am,” Kae says. “During my transition it became very evident to me that most transgendered people had no outlet or ‘guide’ on how to explore the physical and emotional changes they go through. People needed a sanctuary where they could be and become exactly who they believe they are, with no judgments and lots of support from a friendly staff.”

Kae recalls that during her transition she was lucky to have her salon professional skills to help with hair, makeup and skin, but knows that most people do not have these tools. It was her personal mission to be a resource for others in the transgender community and to help them become their authentic selves.

And while business is certainly good, Kae is happy to see that more young adults and kids identifying as transgender have a stronger identity in place than generations past. This includes having a more solid foundation for their looks. “The younger generation is strong; they know their direction and, when it comes to beauty, they usually only need help with styling and current hair trends and we’re more than are happy to provide that to them!

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