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#BeautyHeals – An Evergreen Program Honoring the Philanthropic Initiatives of Aveda Artists

Tuesday, 24 January 2017 23:10

If you know anything about Aveda, you know it's a company that likes to put beauty into the world literally, through their services and products, and figuratively, by getting involved with our community.

Also, by sharing stories of volunteerism and activism within the company's network, they have the opportunity to set off a ripple effect—inspiring others to give back, too.

With this chain reaction in mind, Aveda developed #BeautyHeals, an evergreen program that honors and shares the stories of Aveda Artists’ philanthropic local community initiatives. Through #BeautyHeals, Aveda encourages its Artists around the globe to find causes near and dear to Aveda’s mission of caring for the world we live in, and they give them the tools they need to share their stories effectively.

They do this because Aveda knows that the benefits of volunteering –for the volunteer and those they support– can heal the spirit, and inspire others to take action.

Take for example David Wagner, owner of Juut Salon and Spas, and a cancer survivor himself, whose Daymaker movement has offered more than 4,000 head shaves to patients going through chemotherapy. David says, “People losing their hair have this incredibly tough burden of how to unmask themselves.” By creating a “sacred ritual” around the process, Wagner has helped eased that burden.

Then there’s Brad Van Dyke, of the Aveda Institute in Colorado, who shaved his head in solidarity with cancer patients to raise awareness for St. Baldrick’s Foundation. He says, “I wanted to lend support beyond money.” Beth Halter, director of the Aveda Institute South-Houston, who is a top fundraiser for Earth Month and Breast Cancer Awareness, lives by a simple message: “You can make an impact, and when you see the impact you have, it’s enough to make you want to keep doing it.”

Aveda Artist Stephen Pace, of Gary Manuel Salon, who since 2005 has raised more than $150,000 for Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, urges people to “look at your own community and find what needs to be taken care of.”

To learn more about #BeautyHeals please visit:

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