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New Hue, New You: Top Redken Artists Help Clients With Life-Changing Makeovers

Friday, 13 January 2017 19:00

As a Redken Artist, two days are never alike. One day, you could be doing an interview with a top publication, then you could be behind the chair, and the next day, you could be doing an extreme makeover on-camera at the Redken Labs on YouTube!

This is exactly where Redken Artists Justin Isaac and George Garcia found themselves this month, where they had the honor of transforming two clients who were looking for a big change to boost their confidence and make them feel ready to conquer anything.

First, Redken Artist Justin Isaac helped his client Ruby achieve a brand new look to give her the confidence she needed for her new job. Ruby was looking to walk into her new job with a newfound confidence – and she felt that a makeover could be just the ticket. Justin used pH-bonder to keep Ruby’s hair healthy throughout her transformation. Check out her transformation here!

Then, Redken Artist George Garcia met with Julia – a 25-year-old hair color virgin! As an assistant, Julia feels like she constantly puts other people’s needs before her own. She had always wanted to make a hair color change, but never took the time to get herself into a salon. Julia was ready to take a risk – and take some time to focus on herself. George went all-in and introduced Julia to the world of Redken City Beats to transform her look – and Julia was so thrilled, she even showed her results to a surprise guest. As George said, ‘The only regrets we have in life are the risks we didn’t take.’ Check out her transformation here!

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