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Hair Amusement Park! The Magic of Charlie Le Mindu featuring Hairdreams

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 21:05

After opening up a brand new exhibition in the French art scene at the renowned Museum Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Charlie Le Mindu, is currently deemed the most highly acclaimed Avant Garde, Haute Coiffure Designer

This first of its kind, spectacular display featured pieces of art created with Hairdreams 100% real human hair in a fabulous "amusement park“ setting appropriately named "Charliewood."

The Palais de Tokyo in Paris is one of the world’s most prestigious museums recognized for its display of contemporary art. It regularly showcases outstanding artists with their own exhibitions. The museum has currently bestowed this honor to "Haute Coiffeur Designer" extraordinare, Charlie Le Mindu, who has made his mark in the industry throughout the years with his unique, avant garde hair dresses, wigs and outlandish performances in the fashion world as well as the art scene. For three consecutive weeks, Le Mindu presented signature highlights of his creations that he made to date as well as new items created specifically for the exhibit. The one-of-the-kind pieces were also created using 100% real human hair by Hairdreams.

Le Mindu was inspired by amusement park environments such as Disneyland as he transformed the exhibition halls of the Palais de Tokyo into a fascinating, surreal "Park." Rather than traditionally displaying his pieces, Le Mindu produced a "Charliewood" world, which included a colorful mix of live performances, video installations and imaginary scenarios, each of which transported the spectators in their own little fantasy world. From an African-inspired scene filled with colorful, ethnic designs, to patterns and figures, visitors were also transported into a technically-cool, futuristic world with a mythical creature that seemed to consist entirely of hair with neon glowing strings. Until now, hair was never presented in such an ethereal setting!

It’s no surprise that the spectators' reactions were overwhelmingly positive. Many invited guests and insiders from the fashion and art scenes raved with positive comments after the opening on March 17th, which then resulted in an ongoing stream of guests coming through to see the show during the following three weeks. 

The considerable effort that was made behind the scenes to create such an exhibition, was immense. Charlie Le Mindu worked tirelessly over 6 months with his creative team and put in hundreds of hours in each item and strategically staged the entire layout of the exhibition pieces. Many of his artistic friends supported his new project including dancers from the world famous "Crazy Horse" revue that presented many of his hair dresses in specially choreographed dance routines. Hairdreams supported its partner Charlie Le Mindu with exquisite, shimmering silver/grey, black and pink colored strands in the highest quality 100% real human hair, which Le Mindu used again as his most important material to create his ornately braided hair masks and flowing hair sculptures.

According to Lisa Brandstetter, Hairdreams Marketing Manager, "With Charliewood, Charlie Le Mindu has impressively demonstrated once again the infinite possibilities one can achieve with hair, when the delicate art of hairdressing is combined with boundless creativity, imagination and artistic free spirit. Charlie not only sets the standard for our brand philosophy "The Art of Hair Creation", but also continues to greatly inspire creative hairdressers!"

For more information, please visit the

  • Performance at Charlie Le Mindu‘s

  • Performance at Charlie Le Mindu‘s

  • Performance at Charlie Le Mindu‘s

  • Performance at Charlie Le Mindu‘s

  • Performance at Charlie Le Mindu‘s

  • Charlie Le Mindu with dancers from his show "Charliewood" at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris

  • Hairdreams backstage styling for Charlie Le Mindu‘s "Charliewood" Live performance at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris


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