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Meet the Winners of Scruples + The Unicorn Tribe's #UrbanUnicornContest

Wednesday, 25 November 2015 15:14

In October, Scruples Haircare asked stylists to challenge their creativity and make their unique Urban Unicorn vision come to life for a chance to win Scruples Color Products  – and the judges were amazed with the wide range of beautiful color work and talented Urban Shock artistry they received!

Meet the winners of the #UrbanUnicornContest!

1st Place:  Erika Anne (@erikaanne222)
"This look was created with precision to create fluidity seamlessly. The gradation of color is absolutely flawless and the finished style reflects unrivaled elegance. It's a stunning piece of art worthy of the win!" – Alix Maya Clymer (@thereal_omgiloveyourhair), Founder of The Unicorn Tribe and Owner of The Unicorn Tribe Salon.

2nd Place: Amy Godo (@color_ahead)
"This striking tumble of textured color catches the eye. The overall creativity of the finished shot makes this look stand out from the crowd!" – Mia Liguori McHugh, Scruples Co-President Creative

3rd Place: LaRissa Marie (@ilikeprettyhair)
"Technically this work is masterful. It showcases a challenging color correction, resulting in an overall beautiful and creative use of cool Urban Shock shades. Well done!" – Tracy Liguori, Scruples Co-President Marketing/Advertising

  • Urban Unicorn Contest – 1st place

  • Urban Unicorn Contest – 2nd place

  • Urban Unicorn Contest – 3rd place


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