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Hillside of the Santa Monica mountains is where you can find the beautifully designed Wella Studio. A multi level space with an open floor plan and contemporary feel allows for impeccable views of the studio!

Coty Professional Beauty, the salon and professional division of global beauty giant Coty, opened its new North American headquarters in Calabasas, CA on May 24 th.

As a world leader in providing education, Wella Professionals has been delivering cutting edge training programs and support to professionals working in the hair industry for over 135 years.

The Wella Studios announce the latest addition to their education offerings, The Master Styling Program, a series of seminars that truly target the techniques and artistry of dressing hair.

Wella Studios Signature Artistic Team members are the essence of hairstylist talent embodied, redesigning education, traveling around the country teaching Wella’s precious little secrets, and improving the look of the world one head of hair at a time!

Lynette Tatum is pure energy. She walks into the Studio with her mandala tattoos and perfectly sculpted mane of fiery curls, carrying herself with the confidence that 20 years of hairdressing and education experience could only give you.

Name a select group of gifted individuals? No. Not X-Men, but pretty close. Wella Studios Signature Artistic Team members are the gifted group, saving one head of hair at a time… Yeah, these guys are hair superheroes!

There are various traits that separate a leader of an industry from the rest. Wella is one of those leaders that has been set in stone and withstood the difficulty of creating something new consistently.

Exclusively from the Wella Curriculum Team comes a brand new course hosted at the Wella World Studio NYC aimed at improving your business by changing the way you approach color with your clients!

As hairstylists, there is at least one moment in life where you look at a collection and you just know; that’s Wella. The prestigious brand prides itself on clean chiseled photographs that have inspired beauty professionals for decades, and now it’s time for you to get closer to the magic!

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