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How-To! Bombshell Blowout by Sam Villa

Sunday, 06 September 2015 13:36

It’s fall, time for Bombshell Blowouts! As most women dread wrestling with dryers and brushes, Sam Villa, Founding Partner of Sam Villa and Redken Education Artistic Director, gives a how to that’s quick and easy for clients to do at home, and packs mega volume!

Some people have difficultly drying their hair due to the size and weight of their blow dryer – their arms get tired before their hair dries. Advise clients to use a light weight dryer with a shorter nozzle so the dryer can be held closer to the head putting less stress on the arm.” says Villa. “And, always direct air in the same direction as the scales of the cuticle for a polished smooth finish.”

Bombshell Blowout How-To!

● Dry hair with the Sam Villa Professional Ionic Hair Dryer until 80% of the moisture is out, apply Redken guts 10 volume spray foam and finish drying – the style will have incredible volume and hold. When hair is less wet, it’s easier to feel where to put the product, and product adherers to the hair shaft better because it’s not diluted by moisture.


● Starting where the most volume is wanted, usually the crown, take a section the size of a round thermal brush, using the palm, roll hair around brush and heat with a blow dryer until set – just like a hot roller. Sam Villa Signature Series Thermal Brushes come three sizes 1”, 1.5” and 2”.  Use a zigzag section so volume doesn’t have splits in it. If drying hair from underneath, direct nozzle up, and if drying from the top, direct it down – always follow the cuticle and apply tension to stretch the hair. Lift and rotate the brush repeatedly. IMPORTANT: Allow to cool to lock in the volume before taking hair off the brush.


Proper proportion can make volume look more dramatic, so the nape and sides of the head should lie close to the head, exaggerating the volume at the crown. Most people place hair on top of the brush and pull out and down (which creates volume), instead, place the hair on the bottom of the brush and pull straight down to collapse the volume and make the crown look rounder and fuller.

● Many people also wave the dryer around; the nozzle should be directed right at the hair that is being dried. A good tip is to direct the nozzle on the hand holding the brush, once the heat/air is felt, move blow dryer nozzle slowly down the brush to the end where the hair is. Some also find it easier to turn the dryer off when positioning the brush, so they can use both hands.

● When finished, spray the entire head with Redken control addict 28 high control hairspray to lock in the volume.

Thermal brushes conduct and distribute heat more evenly, making it easier to break down hair bonds and reform them, which in turn makes drying and styling hair faster and easier,” adds Villa.

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