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Haircolor How To: Spring Makeover by Dominique DeFrancesco

Tuesday, 02 June 2015 16:00

As a colorist, we ask what keeps our guests coming back and what we can offer new for each season, subtle or big changes,” explains Dominique DeFrancesco, De La Mer Salon (Bellmore, NY).

And she adds: “But, many clients are not receptive to change, so I took my brown cover grey single process and set a plan for her next visit. This guest presented several pictures, and I suggested what would work best and explained the process for the next time she came in.” DeFrancesco combined a classic half foiled highlight with hair painting to update the look and brighten her face.

Detail A: Goldwell Oxycur Platin 1 scoop to 35 mls of 10 volume
Detail B: Background Goldwell Topchic 3 parts 5nn 1 part 6mb 1 part 5na
Detail C: Goldwell Oxycur Platin 1 scoop to 35 mls of Topchic 30 volume
Detail D: Goldwell Colorance 15 mls of 6N 10mls 7BG 5mls 7NA 60 mls of Colorance Lotion
Detail E: Goldwell Colorance 15mls 7BG 15mls 7NA 60mls Goldwell Colorance Lotion

Apply a classic foiled highlight pattern, taking micro-fine weaves with Detail A, then apply background re-touch with Detail B. Begin hair painting starting in the back section with Detail C, moving to the front two quads. For more brightness around the face, back comb hair left out between the foils and paint with Detail C. Let everything process for a total of 35 minutes. Once shampooed, apply Detail D to the root in a teardrop section and then apply Detail E from mids to ends. Process for 15 minutes, rinse and condition.


  • Spring Makeover


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