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Step by Step: A Mesmerizing Updo by Revlon Professional

Tuesday, 30 December 2014 14:46

An updo says class and sophisticationare you looking for a creative look with some added mesmerizing texture? Consider this amazing look that we are sure will make a statement for that client who is looking for a touch of magic! 

  • Credits
  • Revlon Professional – Yes, I Do Collection
  • Artistic Direction: Miquel García Cotado for Revlon Professional
  • Step-by-Step Styling: Jakub Ziemirski
  • Photo: David Dunan
  • Make up: Ayami Nishimura
  • Clothing: Rosa Clará
  • 1. Apply Volume Amplifier Mousse, dry hair upside down to give volume at roots and shape to the ends. Apply Shine Spray Glamourama and dry.

  • 2. Trace a triangle from the end of the eyebrows to the crown. Secure and create volume, then blowdry straight. Apply Shine Spray Glamourama.

  • 3. Gather a ponytail at the crown and secure. Leave some strands loose around the edge. Apply Shine Spray Glamourama.

  • 4. Begin styling, removing a section of approx. 1-2 cm from the triangle point area. Separate on one side.

  • 5. Trace out sections in the ponytail and create wavy zigzag efect with the curlers. Apply Hairspray Modular.

  • 6. Gently tease the remaining sections at the roots; smooth hair and join to the ponytail. Apply Hairspray Modular.

  • 7. Take out a section, apply Hairspray Modular, smooth witth straighteners and wrap around the ponytail. Secure with clips.

  • 8. Divide the ponytail in two, tease lower part. Repeat on top, teasing only the roots. Straighten and spread out hair.

  • 9. Create a beehive weave using 6-8 combs on top. Apply Hairspray Photo Finisher three times to each comb and blowdry before removing. Repeat on each side. Repeat on ponytail.

  • 10. Twist the ends of the ponytail and secure. Apply Hairspray Photo Finisher.

  • 11. And here's the amazing final look!


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