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Amazing Makeover Showcases Makeup Application and Hair Transformation

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 21:00

Let's face it. Change can be a little scary at times, especially when it comes to transforming your looks. Discover how Terrence Michael Renk and Bodyography Cosmetics Makeup Artist, Kelly McGowan teamed up to create a beautiful transformation that gave the client a new, youthful look, yet didn’t completely change who she was!

Hair by Terrence Michael Renk:

– The highlight hair color technique used in this before and after required only 30 foils.
Section hair into six square box sections 3"x 3”. These are to be placed at angles to fit the head shape. The front section will be half of a square that is placed like a pyramid section point going back.
– Weave highlights and apply blue light lightener with tint brush on to foil and fold. The foils are placed to create a more natural movement and brighter dimension using a 20 volume developer and ProRitual Bluelight lightening powder. The Bluelight lightener has an Aqua Marine blue tone to help reduce yellow tone in blonde hair. The addition of ProRituals Hair and Scalp therapy to the lighting formula adds essential fatty acids that help replenish depleted moisture that can be removed during the hair lifting process. Each 3"x 3" square section should have five foils in each. A total of 30 foils.
– Applying color at these angles will allow color to flow giving greater movement and coverage and allowing client less maintenance and a more natural look.
– The cut was a simple bob shape with a soft angle in front to create a simple natural backward flow.
ProRituals Colorfuel and ProRituals Lift Volumizer were used to style hair using a Marilyn Flatter Me Too oval styling brush.

Makeup by Kelly McGowan:

– Cleansed face with Bodyography Face It wipe. Applied Bodyography Overnight Serum for instant collagen amplifier.
– Used shaded Bodyography primer to even out skin tone. Then applied foundation 150 all over face with a stippling brush. Once I was satisfied with the coverage from that application, I used concealer 420 under eyes and for any blemishes that came thru. I also used it to highlight under the eyes and the bridge of the nose.
– I set her under eyes with 10 in the every finish powder and entire face with 50.
– I used the Bodyography Essential Brow Trio, combing the lightest and medium shades, to fill in her eyebrows. I then applied Sand Dune on the hollows of her cheek bone and the sides of her nose for a more defined and contoured appearance.
– Using the eye-shadow trio Capri on her eyes. Unfortunately I used a pink shimmer shade for the lids and then a taupe sparkling shadow in the crease and under the eye. I also applied Bodyography's brown gel eyeliner in Noir on her lash line on both top and bottom lids.
– Going back to the apples of her cheeks, I warmed her up using sun kissed bronzer, applying there as well as forehead and chin.
– For the lips I lined the outside and corners with Heatherberry and topped with Lux. I then completed the look with Dramat-eyes mascara.


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